2022 Skincare Trends to Know About

People's attitude toward their health and appearance is gradually changing. We are more careful about what cosmetics we buy, paying attention to what they are made of and how they work. And you can become a beauty expert yourself by following top skincare trends. 

However, trends in the skin care industry don't just appear from nothing. They're based on the experiences of those who are always trying new approaches and the latest trends from popular beauty brands. So, what else is changing in skincare for 2022? Here's a look at some latest trends in the skincare industry.

Significant trends in beauty technology

  • LED devices

We have previously written about LED light therapy, which produces light rays at several frequencies that are able to cure a number of skin issues. For this therapy, the clinical environment is not a requirement. Such beauty gadgets, with various light treatment modes and settings, are used for moisturizing, reducing fine wrinkles, and curing dermatitis. Consumers are increasingly looking for accessible yet professional treatment in the comfort of their own homes, which has led to increasing demand for small beauty tools for home usage. Customers can carry on an effective routine without paying unwarranted prices.

When choosing a device, you should always check it for certifications and safeguards. The Lumia brand is strict about safety, so all our products undergo numerous tests and are certified.

2022 Skincare Trends to Know About
  • Face Brush

Electrical face brushes gain more popularity as consumers become increasingly interested in skin health. The Lumia Delicado is a device that cleanses, exfoliates, and massages your facial skin. The silicone massage head is detachable, and in the second stage of treatment, it is replaced by the LED head.

  • At-home beauty diagnostics

The latest trending in skincare is to monitor your skin conditions in the comfort of your home. Our skin analyzers will become perfect companions in detecting various skin disorders. Take a look at our most advanced home diagnostic tool. Lumia Analyzer offers the newest features, including all-in-one shooting, analyzing, and presenting. It will be an exceptional addition to your cosmetics collection and will help you track all changes in your appearance before they become visible to others.

  • High-frequency acne treatments

Acne is a serious skin problem that arises regardless of age or gender. Thus, lots of people search for anti-acne products that can be used at home. Such devices should be easy to use everywhere. Additionally, they should be small, light, and portable to make them easy to bring along on trips. Now, there are pocket-size devices on the market to provide effective treatment, like in a beauty salon.  

Lumia Penetrado is a portable device that penetrates the skin to cause microscopic burns that, when treated, encourage the body to produce fresh collagen and elastin fibers.

Customers want high-quality products that are accessible, simple to apply, and suitable for their skin type. The newest developments in the home beauty market respond to these challenges by offering LED devices, microcurrent face gadgets, and skin analyzers.