Ageing processes of our skin and anti-aging led facial therapy

Last time we were talking about aged skin and ways of keeping it “young and beautiful”. The subject was opened because growing old is an inevitable process that happens to any living organism. What can we do about that? We can keep our face and body attractive as long as possible with anti-aging LED facial therapy. Still, it is such a sensitive and wide topic, so we propose to continue discussing it.

Ageing processes of our skin and anti-aging led facial therapy

So, what does it mean to grow old for skin, and how it affects us?

The processes of skin aging change all skin layers. The division of epidermis cells becomes slower, and the skin becomes more vulnerable. Loss of moisture is increasing, and skin cells are becoming increasingly difficult to replace. New collagen and elastin fibres are not produced, and those that still exist are gradually losing their ability.

Key factors of skin aging:

First, hereditary (genetically) programmed changes affect virtually all layers of skin;

Second, physiological (age) reduction of hormone synthesis in the body. Hormones such as growth hormone, testosterone, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), melatonin, etc. It is indispensable for the physical health and regeneration of cells in the whole body, including the skin.

And thirdly, photoaging: the effects of ultraviolet light contribute to the formation of free radicals that negatively influence the structure of skin cells, significantly altering cellular reduction mechanisms.

The effective and timely use of cosmetological care in combination with a healthy lifestyle can, if not stop the biological ageing of the skin, at least make it less prominent. At present, a system-based approach to the organism, taking into account hierarchies and systems of internal regulation, is gaining prominence for anti-age therapy.

Health manifests itself through beauty, and beauty manifests true self-sustaining health, and it is achieved through proper anti-aging care.

Basic principles to counteract premature facial aging:

  1. Moisturizing the skin from the inside. No amount of cream will help maintain the natural moisture level in the skin if the entire body lacks water. The recommendation to drink up to two liters of water a day is not an empty word, but excellent advice.
  2. Anti-aging LED face therapy should also be included because cell nutrition works exceptionally well to combat skin aging changes. The LED devices by Lumia are simple, effective, and certified.
  3. Cleaning. It’s also clear that if you don’t peel the skin, the dirt from the outside and the toxins from the outside will strike the pores and keep the skin from breathing. It is also essential to cleanse the skin correctly. For example, it is not necessary to wash dry skin with soap; it is better to use suitable skincare products.
  4. Moisturizing is done outside. It means daily use of nourishing and moisturizing creams suitable for a specific skin type, as well as face masks.
  5. Skin protection from UV.
  6. Face massage (to build facial muscles)

Aging is an inevitable process, but it is important to know that it is up to the individual to know when their first signs will appear. It means that regular and competent self-care can delay the moment when the skin stops being young and beautiful, and the old age itself will be noble and elegant.

To maximize the effect of cosmetics, use them in a simple massage complex. Also, don’t forget to watch what you eat and don’t forget about restful sleep. Maintain water balance and drink enough clean water.

Stay healthy and beautiful!