Benefits of using at-home beauty devices

People used to live without mobile phones, e-mails, and other civilization achievements. Now it is hard to imagine. In the beauty sphere, the same happens.: The usual bottles of creams and serums are often substituted with anti-aging devices for the face. And it looks like the cosmetics are going to have to squeeze themselves on the shelf and make room for the best at-home skin devices. What are their advantages? Let's study together with the brand The Lumia.

Benefits of using at-home beauty devices

Best at home beauty devices

It’s no secret that correcting facial features without needles and plastic is quite possible. To do this, you need to regularly practice face-building, do a rejuvenating massage, and introduce the use of radio frequency, medical LED, and far-infrared technology. 

The Lumia is a place where the technology meets natural charms. That is where you can meet the best experts in at-home skin firming devices. Our scientists have years of experience developing clinical skin devices with detachable heads that are safe, effective, and simple to operate. Salon RF lifting is considered one of the best alternatives to “beauty shots”. But there are also home alternatives, and you may see them in all the Lumia lines! 

For rejuvenating the skin

Pulsed, low-force currents are used in modern technology. These currents positively affect lymph and blood flow, which improves tissue nutrition and cellular metabolism, which is good for the skin.

  1. The winner in questions of skin rejuvenation isLumia Rayo - the best at-home device for wrinkles. It's the world's most powerful LED gadget technology for home use that can be fully incorporated into skincare regimens to give professional, safe, and effective results for a wide range of skin issues without discomfort or downtime. It boosts collagen formation and treats indications of aging by using efficient phototherapy to speed up the skin's natural renewal process.
  2. Using the Lumia Penetrado, for example, helps to apply cosmetics (cream, serum) during treatment. And it is a more effective way to increase the penetration of active and beneficial elements into your skin. Why do we have to use something other than just cosmetics? The reason is that cosmetics affect only the first outer layer of the epidermis, the thickness of which is not more than 0.1 mm. The high efficiency of professional cosmetology is due to its ability to act on the dermis and “cheer up” lazy or tired cells, giving them a healthy impulse. With the help ofLumia Penetrado, we can stimulate the work of this skin “laboratory” independently and at home.
  3. And another efficient at-home skin firming device that we want to turn your attention on isLumia Experto and Experto+. It has a removable neck-lifting therapy head that works well with the Lumia Experto. The Lumia Revolutionary 3, a combined technological and beauty system, is used by the Experto Plus. The Experto Plus has been carefully made to be the best beauty gadget for improving the tone of the skin around the neck and jaw zones.

Aging is a natural process that is inevitable for any of us, either a woman or a man. But, we all would like to remain healthy, young, and beautiful! With the help of simple daily care tips and simple at-home anti-aging devices, any man or woman can prolong their youth with minimum effort at home!