Best Anti-Aging Devices of 2024: Tried and Tested

Women's beauty is a relative concept. To be honest, it largely depends on how well a lady takes care of herself when performing preventive and cosmetic procedures, what kind of lifestyle she leads, how she eats, and what cosmetics she uses. All this directly affects the condition of the face and neck skin and, consequently, how she looks.

It is a wise decision to buy massagers for rejuvenation and lifting or LED beauty devices when signs of aging and the first wrinkles appear on the skin. There are devices designed for home use. They are sold at affordable prices compared to regular professional cosmetologist services, and the result of the application is the same. In addition, you save your time and provide yourself with first-class care when and where you need it.

Whichever model by the Lumia you choose, it can help you care for your skin, enhance the efficiency of your skincare products, tighten your skin, and help sculpt it properly. We have a variety of beauty gadgets available in our online store, so it's easy to get lost when choosing your first device.

Note: Even if you are young and your skin is in good condition, you shouldn't neglect your neck skincare!

Lumia Experto New is your home beautician because it helps you with the following:

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Tightens the skin
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Narrows pores
  • Saturates the skin with nourishing, moisturizing substances
  • Evens out the tone
  • Strengthens facial contours

And we couldn't forget about the neck and jaw area, women’s biggest enemies in aging fighting!

Lumia Experto New is a diligent and caring beautician in your hands!

It was made to:

  • Restore proper skin tone
  • Minimize wrinkles
  • Remove sagging and aged spots
  • Prevent the aging process


Our devices are compact and weigh so little that they can easily fit into a makeup bag and be carried anywhere. Leave your skincare routine at home while traveling and continue your beauty routine wherever you are.

Stylish design

Convenient, sophisticated, and ergonomic, the device comes in a black-and-white matte body. It looks stylish and expensive, so it will not leave any woman indifferent.


As for the contradictions in using our beauty gadgets, please note the following situations when you should restrain from operating our devices:

    1. active inflammation of the skin (eczema, herpes, pyoderma, etc.)
    2. numerous moles and papillomas
    3. scratches and abrasions on the skin
    4. cancer
    5. pacemaker or other electrical implants
    6. neuropsychiatric diseases
    7. acute illnesses conditions

Facial therapy with any of our anti-aging devices does not need to be done too often. Three times a week is enough. On average, it is recommended to spend 1 minute on each area of the face. The main thing is to do everything correctly, follow the recommendations, and carry out procedures regularly.

In conclusion, an LED device from Lumia for the face is still the most effective way to slow aging. You should choose a device that suits you in all parameters, from the practical and aesthetic side. The consultants of our store will help you decide on a model and functionality necessary for your skin type.