Best anti-aging tips for your skin

A woman’s calling card is her face. Every woman asks herself, “How can I make my skin look younger attractive forever?”. As much as we want it, facial aging can’t be stopped. However, it can be slowed down. Let’s figure out together how to prevent the aging process and whether there is an elixir of eternal youth.

First of all, there are some aging-specific skin characteristics:

  • The skin is saggy and has lost much of its elasticity.
  • The pores are enlarged and visible.
  • Eye wrinkles are deeper.
  • The skin in the area of the chin sags, the oval of the face “swims”;
  • The nasal folds are deepening.
  • Facial skin looks irritated and dull.
Best anti-aging tips for your skin

What do I have to include in daily skincare?

Tips for aging skin are almost the same as for normal skin. Make sure you use the proper serum and focus on its ingredients. The must-have skincare tools should contain retinoids, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and ANA acids. Additional components include vegetable extracts and oils, vitamins, micro- and macro-elements, and omega acids. It is essential to protect aging skin from sunlight, so make sure you use SPF cosmetics, and not only in the summertime!

Best way to fight signs of aging skin

Stress impairs the ability of the skin to regenerate and affects elastin and collagen production. We recommend you to form the habit of devoting a few minutes a day to the health of your nervous system. It can be as simple as breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga. The nervous system is favorably influenced by rest with family or in a circle of friends, doing your favorite things, walking in the fresh air. If you maintain a mental balance, you will be able to keep beauty and youth for a long time and prevent the development of many diseases.

Anti-wrinkle tip

Did you know that? 

During sleep, the facial wrinkles are smoothed out! So, the first piece of advice is to rest as much as possible. Remember that you need at least eight hours of sleep per day.

But at the same time, physical activity is essential because it improves blood circulation and boosts metabolism.

Anti-aging skincare tips

We should not forget about a balanced diet. If the goal is to slow the aging of the skin after 40 years, the daily diet should include vitamin A, B, C, and E, as well as micronutrient complex products. Folic acid is particularly important.

Unfortunately, the rhythm of everyday life does not always contribute to our beauty and youth. It is a fact that mature skin reflects the way you look after it and the way you live your life.

A modern woman works hard and takes little care of herself. But she should remember that at least 15 minutes of beauty rituals before sleep will give you fresh and radiant skin without much effort.

And with the best skin rejuvenation devices from the Lumia, you will find that taking care of your skin could be comfortable and easy. Anyway, a comprehensive approach is needed to preserve youth and beauty. It is vital to understand that it is easier to prevent aging than deal with its consequences.