Blue light therapy anti-aging device

It is a scientific fact that exposure to light of different shades of the color spectrum has a beneficial effect on the condition and health of the skin. Cosmetologists have long ago adopted this method for the treatment of various skin issues. Starting from “only-in-salon” sessions, the approach to light therapy has changed a lot. And now you can organize phototherapy sessions at home.

What to know:

The color of light rays can be translated into numbers; each corresponds to its wavelength. And each can help solve specific skin problems.

The colors most often used in cosmetology are red, yellow, blue, and green. But other wavelengths of the rainbow can also bring benefits. Today, let's talk about the blue spectrum.

What to choose?

The effectiveness of the procedures is not affected by the type of device. For home use, you should select a beauty gadget with an attachable head for neck rejuvenation, as this problem zone is the first to reveal our true age.

The essential technical parameters are the wavelength and frequency, which should be closer to the middle of the spectrum color. In this case, the absorption of light by the desired cells will be best with our device, Lumia Penetrado.

This device works on bacteria, which are the leading cause of acne appearance. So, blue light kills the bacteria, controls excessive sebum production, and prevents skin inflammation.

Incorporating the power of blue light, our newest Lumia Penetrado soothes the skin and helps to regulate the sebum secretion that causes oily shine and enlarges pores.

How to use

  1. Thoroughly cleanse the skin and dry it with a towel. Then, you can apply therapeutic cosmetics.
  2. Turn on the device for two minutes to affect each zone of inflammation.
  3. If the imperfections you are fighting with are chronic, use the device regularly in accordance with the recommendations in the manual. A short course is ugh if the problems are localized and temporary. In this case, you can use the device over makeup. The minimum duration of the course is seven days.
  4. After the use, please turn off the device and clean it with a damp, soft cloth.
  5. Remember about safety guidance.

Some people do not tolerate light pulses well, so these devices are not recommended for people with epilepsy, photophobia, wearing pacemakers, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and those who gave birth less than six months ago.

How do you prepare for the LED therapy procedure at home?

Before the procedure, it is necessary to cleanse the skin thoroughly. You can make a light scrub, but avoid damaging the skin. On the day of the process, you should not apply products with retinol and AHA-acids in the composition, as later, there may be skin irritation.

Lifehack before the procedure is the application of a mask with chlorophyll before the therapy. With its help, the light will penetrate deeply enough. Before starting a session, an LED therapy mask must be washed off. The procedure itself should last at least 10 minutes.

We recommend having 8–10 sessions with Lumia Penetrado to achieve visible results.