Common skincare mistakes that age you

All women are young, but some are younger than others, said French playwright Achar Marcel. But how do you keep your skin attractive and healthy? First of all, we want to say that the years after 40 are a beautiful period in a woman’s life. Age changes in this period already exist, but the skin's responsiveness is still high. So, you can try any of the achievements of modern cosmetology. And today, we are going to review the most common skincare mistakes and beauty care rules that are relevant to all women aged from 40 to 50.

Anti-aging care and types of aging

There are several types of facial aging:

  1. Rugulose
  2. Muscular
  3. Defortmative
  4. Lived-in
  5. Combined

It is important to remember that the care complex, which is effective in the case of a wrinkled or tired (lived-in) face type, can be useless for women with a deformation type. And sometimes, these methods may bring not only zero-result but even a negative one. That worsens the situation.

Every type of aging needs a special kind of care complex. We recommend including daily rituals and anti-aging devices to stimulate skin collagen from the inside out without causing harm to the upper level.

Common skincare mistakes that age you

Women underestimate the importance of home care

Among the typical skincare mistakes are:

  1. The first mistake to be mentioned is not taking into account the type of aging.

It's critical to use the proper type of skincare for your skin type. The matter is that the improper products can speed up aging or cause dermal diseases (like an allergic response, acne, etc.).

If you have oily skin and use a product that isn't purifying enough, it can cause breakouts and leave contaminants on your skin. Meanwhile, if you have dry or dehydrated skin and use an oil-based product, you will dehydrate your skin even more. All of these things age you too quickly, so it's important to use skincare products that are right for you.

  1. And secondly, many women think that special anti-aging care can’t be maintained at home.

Here in Lumia, we've got a solution to that problem with our line of gadgets for every age and skin type. You should remember that cosmetics alone aren't enough to fix all the issues, but beauty products are essential to keep the long-lasting effect.

  1. The third big mistake is to skip simple daily steps such as :
  • washing your face every morning and night;
  • removing make-up before going to bed;
  • hydration, especially in dry seasons;
  • sun protection all year long and especially in summer;
  • sleeping, which allows your skin cells to regenerate;
  • keep up a proper diet.

How to keep your skin young

We hope that our beauty tips will help you avoid common mistakes in your daily routine. Here is one more thing to remember—before you start anti-aging skin care, you should restore normal muscle tone first. Then you should continue with the procedures.

Unfortunately, now, women tend to underestimate physiological methods such as microcurrent therapy and LED therapy. But these methods improve circulation and microcirculation in all layers of skin.

The professionals of the Lumia developed efficient beauty gadgets to help every woman remain healthy and young. Check out our online shop to know more about our products.