Daily beauty rituals with anti-aging face devices

Facial care is gradually moving to a new level, and more and more cosmetic brands are looking into LED technologies that restore the skin by exposing it to light. Light waves of different colours can eliminate many facial skin problems. Today, the Lumia will tell you more about anti-aging machines for aged skin.

Daily beauty rituals with anti-aging face devices

How does it work?

The skin absorbs therapeutic light, using it as a source of energy and stimulating cell regeneration, followed by collagen and elastin, accelerated healing and new tissue formation. During LED therapy, micropores are discovered in cell membranes and upper dermis layers, and active submersions are performed.

Surely, anti-aging machines can’t keep your skin "young and beautiful." You have to remember a few key recommendations on health care.

For skin to be young for a longer period, proper facial care should include the following steps:

  • Skin protection

Although solar activity decreases in early autumn, ultraviolet radiation still causes photoaging. Therefore, SPF 15 cream should not be discarded for the whole season. At the same time, until the protective properties of the skin are restored after the summer, choose the gentle cleaning agents-foam or milk, and throw away the scrubs.

  • Recovery and recycling

After the summer, you will pay special attention to deep hydration. It can be a favourite cream with a more saturated texture or a multifunctional smart gadget by Lumia.  Another assistant in the summer-autumn transition time is LED therapy. Orange light restores and renews. Green one – decreases sensitivity and accelerates metabolism. We recommend Lumia Experto+, which uses radiofrequency radiation to stimulate collagen and elastin in the deepest layers of the skin to tighten skin tissues, improve skin texture, and soften wrinkles.

  • Moisturizing and re-wetting

Due to cooling and the introduction of heating appliances, the skin becomes more in need of moisturizing and nutrition (peeling, tightening, and sometimes even discomfort with the application of the usual means). Serums, creams, and masks with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, triglycerides, and vitamin B5 stimulate skin regeneration.

  • Wrappings and instrumental procedure

If home care does not help, it is necessary to start beauty procedures. When the skin is dehydrated and pigmented, it is essential to provide it with maximum moisture and recovery of fibroblasts. Lumia will take care of that task and advises using an anti-aging machine-like Experto or Penetrado with Lumia RF gel to treat your skin well.

We are wishing you a happy holiday season!

To maximize the effect of cosmetics, use them in a simple massage complex. Also, don’t forget to watch what you eat and don’t forget about restful sleep. Maintain water balance and drink enough clean water.

Stay healthy and beautiful!