Do facial devices really work?

Invasive cosmetic treatments are not the only way to keep a person fit and the skin firm and young. Small wrinkles, swelling, dullness of the skin, and asymmetry can be eliminated by massaging with beauty gadgets. This procedure is also called “face fitness.” It is ideal for home care, helping to develop facial muscles better, promoting the removal of toxins, and smoothing nasolabial furrows. 

Do facial devices really work

The skin on the face is very soft and requires constant and, most importantly, proper care. It is crucial with age, when facial skin loses firmness, becoming more demanding, and the first wrinkles appear. In addition to cosmetics for facial care, the use of special massagers is recommended. Today we will explain once again why they are helpful and what you should pay attention to during their usage.

Which gadgets work and how?

As we already know, Lumia’s multi-functional massagers combine infrared action with RF-lifting. Previously, we talked about how radio frequency facial treatments work. The principle of work is based on heating the skin with infrared radiation. It stimulates facial muscles and improves blood circulation. As a result, facial skin is smoothed, becoming firmer, while wrinkles are reduced too. Infrared massages are also prescribed for various injuries for their rapid healing. 

Follow the sequence of movements during the procedure—chaotic movements will not give the desired effect. Operate the device according to the instructions. Your movements should be smooth without heavy pressure on the skin.

  • The first movement takes place from the chin alternately to each ear.
  • Next, from the lower lip to the ear along the cheekbones,
  • Next, from the right temple to the nose, and from the nose to the left temple,
  • Then move from the middle of the forehead one by one to each temple.
  • Then, from the inner corners of the eyes to the temples and back.
  • The last movement is the nasal sinuses. 



These electric face massagers will work in their best way! After about four weeks of using the device (Experto, Experto +, Penetrado, or Delicado), you should be able to see the results.

Users of beauty devices from Lumia comment about Experto and Experto+, for example, how they feel after using these gadgets. They noticed that the skin became firmer and smoother as a result of using Lumia Experto and Experto+. The visible effect distinguishes fine lines and folds. In just seven days, fine lines and wrinkles improved by 97 percent. Many women say that they see the results even after a single use.

Contraindications to this procedure

Among the contraindications to ultrasonic treatments are damage, inflammation, acne, and other skin problems. It is better to consult a dermatologist for treatment or wait until the facial skin heals. Ultrasonic devices cannot be used in pregnancy, low or elevated blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, the presence of metal implants, or a pacemaker.

The World’s Beauticians advise

Beauty gadgets such as Home Radio Frequency, Medical LED, and far-infrared technology help maintain healthy skin. And the best effect they give is when both the devices themselves and the modes of their use are individually selected, taking into account the features of the skin, health, and requests. For example, tighten the oval of the face, get rid of derma, and smooth gloss. If there is an opportunity, before buying the device, consult a doctor.