Effective and safe: a guide to LED light therapy for better skin

We look for quick, easy, and cheap ways to care for our skin that could deliver professional results. Grandmom’s recipes, like cucumber and sour cream masks, are gradually disappearing. They have been replaced by new developments in the field of cosmetology. For example, LED skin therapy can help restore your healthy appearance, stop aging, and eliminate pigmentation and inflammation. Let's take a closer look at the Lumia’s online store with professional anti-aging devices for home care. Our approach is based on radio frequency technology, medical LED technology, far-infrared technology, and EMS technology.

Effective and safe: a guide to LED light therapy for better skin

Advantages of the rejuvenation procedures with the Lumia’s gadgets

Light therapy for skin is universal, suitable for all types of skin. It can be performed for both men and women, regardless of the time of year. After a course of procedures, the facial oval tightens and wrinkles are reduced. 

The pathogenic microbial flora, which causes inflammatory processes such as acne, is destroyed thanks to the antibacterial effect of the LED treatment. 

Light therapy procedure eliminates trauma or any other negative effects on the skin. During a course of such treatment, you will get the following results:

  • healing of various injuries (wounds, skin cracks)
  • stimulation of blood circulation and lymph flow
  • getting rid of age spots, acne, post acne, bruises, and bags under the eyes
  • elimination of fine and deeper wrinkles, dryness, and skin flabbiness, through increased production of collagen 
  • restoring the normal level of skin hydration
  • elimination of scars, peeling, and psoriasis severity
  • strengthening small vessels, which leads to a decrease in the manifestation of couperosis
  • recovery after traumatic cosmetic procedures

And the best news for today is that all those benefits you could find in the professional devices at the Lumia’s online store. Our brand offers effective solutions to any skin type and problem. 

How does an LED therapy session work?

The Lumia portable gadget is placed a few centimeters from the face. The duration of the procedure and the intensity are chosen depending on the skin issues to be solved. Please note that different devices work on different skin problems. It means that they use specific technologies, so the principle of work and session durations also vary. It is essential to study the device’s manual before application carefully.

It is an absolutely painless procedure. One can only feel the warmth all around the treated area. During the treatment, the eyes should be protected.

The first results are noticeable after 2 to 3 sessions. The skin changes gradually and lasts for several months after the therapy as collagen keeps forming.

A total of 8 application sessions done twice a week improves by 72 % any process in the skin, from rejuvenation and acne control to rehabilitation after resurfacing and plastic surgery. 

Rules of Use

Lumia’s customers are recommended to clean their faces before the procedure. It is especially important to remove decorative cosmetics. Otherwise, the constituents of all products can penetrate 

Sometimes, on the contrary, it is supposed to activate a care cream, serum, or lotion. In this case, you should adhere to the rule: do not use products with AHA, BHA, or retinol. Any preparations used in combination with masks must be appropriate for your age and skin type.

And in the very end

Not so long ago, light therapy was only available to salon visitors. But today, such devices can be comfortably used at home. You can easily buy it from our website and finally have your own mini beauty salon at home. Investing in your health and beauty means taking care of your future.

The treatments are absolutely safe. Each of them delivers pleasure and a feeling of relaxation. They can bring back the joy of life. Few things can make you happier than seeing your own reflection in the mirror with a smile.

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