FDA approved anti-aging devices by the Lumia

It is a well-known truth that beauty starts from the inside, so today’s beauties use not only creams but also special devices that can influence the skin most effectively from the inside. There is a misconception that light therapy is unsafe for the face. However, hundreds of studies have shown otherwise. The safety of LED therapy has been proven by many of the world's most trusted and respected organizations. And that, indeed, has more credibility than what someone said or wrote in an article on the Internet. The Lumia is an award-winning hi-tech boutique brand created by true enthusiasts and beloved by experts, stars, and celebrities worldwide.

The Lumia is proud to produce and distribute only FDA-approved anti-aging devices.

FDA approved anti-aging devices by the Lumia

Why is it so important to have a certificate?

We have long been accustomed to various and numerous quality labels. Of course, you can’t believe everything that the manufacturer says on the packaging, and you have to understand which certificates are really important and needed for beauty care devices.

The FDA (or USFDA) is the Department of Product Quality and Safety (part of the Ministry of Health of the USA). The FDA is also working to promote healthy lifestyles in the United States, gradually reaching a global level. It is not only Americans who follow their activities and research, as the quality standards of this agency are considered to be the most stringent. The approval of the FDA product immediately increases its popularity and buyers’ confidence worldwide.

“Dermatologist recommended” means that the Dermatology Department guarantees the quality of the beauty device as well as the treatment of not only local manifestations of the disease but also the disease's cause. If you see that the facial gadget got the approval of an experienced doctor, it will help to find out the diagnosis and obtain valuable medical recommendations that will help to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

CEdenotes the “European conformity.” The CE certification officially confirms that all basic safety requirements for humans, animals, and the environment have been met. It should be noted that the safety standards in the CE system are considered a priority for implementation over quality standards.

Based on this, it can be concluded immediately that the entire line of anti-aging devices by Lumia is safe for health.

Goods of the Lumia brand are also patented and have certificates of conformity and quality. These certificates prove that the products produced are of high quality and safe and also meet all other requirements set by normative acts.

That is why, by choosing Lumia machines for home use, you can be sure of their quality, safety, and absolute efficiency.