Five dry skin hacks that actually work

The answer to the question “why we need facials” seems obvious. Wrinkles are a problem that prevents us from looking in the mirror, but others include acne, blackheads, enlarged pores, dry skin, and redness. It is possible to avoid skin issues only if we perform proper care of it. Using the right dry skin hacks on your face, you can prevent many problems.

And the older we get, the more thoughtful our care strategy should be. Of course, no one can win the battle against time, but who wouldn't want to look five, ten, or even twenty years younger?

Five dry skin hacks that actually work

Here are some hacks for dry skin you should remember:

  1. Regularity. Beauty lovers know that skincare has a cumulative effect. Simply put, don't count on flawless skin if you slathered on creams from a dozen jars yesterday, and today you decided to “take a break.”
  2. Twice a day. Skin care should be done twice a day; therefore, beauty aids vary in purpose and composition for different times of day and night. For example, day cream helps to keep moisture in the upper layers of skin and protects it from harmful environmental factors (including the sun). A night cream is often formulated to regenerate, nourish, and moisturize deeper layers of facial skin.
  3. Following instructions. Be sure to read the instructions on all jars and bottles. They will tell you that scrubs should not be used in times of acute inflammation and that the remains of cosmetics that have not been absorbed are better removed gently from the skin with a clean cotton pad.
  4. Mind the season. Here are a couple of additional suggestions for your daily routine. You need to change products depending on the season. In winter, moisturizers should have a dense texture because indoor air is drier, and the skin needs extra protection. You can replace the moisturizer with a greasy, nourishing cream for dehydrated skin. Be sure to use unique products to protect against frost outdoors. In summer, light moisturizing gels, veils, and sprays are ideal. They moisturize well, do not clog pores, are incredible, and are more comfortable in the summer heat. If your skin is too dry, you should not change your usual product for a gel; instead, you can choose a cream with a lighter texture. Such simple skin care tips will prevent the harmful effect of dryness on your skin.
  5. Use modern technologies. In addition to all the daily care steps, you should add some high-end beauty gadgets. The Lumia offers effective and easy-to-use products that can help penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin and stimulate the regeneration and renewal of the epidermis. They incorporate the newest approaches in skin care – radio frequency technology, medical LED technology, and far-infrared technologies to make you look younger. Our products deliver visible results in the comfortable surrounding of your home.  

Use all these five beauty hacks for dry skin to keep it moisturized, fresh, and glowing!