How can I get a professional facial at home? Tips and Tricks.

Home facial care is the key to maintaining health and an aesthetically well-groomed appearance.Skincare is a delicate and highly individual process. The right approach to dry, problematic, oily, or combination skin can be radically different. However, your skin's outer beauty depends on how well you choose the key to its health. And although the modern rhythm of life, a lot of work, and stress do not make everyday self-care easier, it is worth using home facial care methods that are proven and effective!

How can I get a professional facial at home? Tips and Tricks.

Primary daily care—must-have steps

As with any procedure, skin care has itsDIY and basic steps, essential to achieve the desired effect. It doesn't matter if you have normal, dry, oily, combination, or problem skin. The face needs proper, consistent adherence to all primary and special care stages. It will help to keep the skin in good shape and delay its premature aging and fading.

  1. Choose cosmetics according to your skin type

Cosmetic products chosen incorrectly will not bring the expected effect and only aggravate facial problems. For example, for cleansing at home, cosmetologists advise using beauty milk for dry skin, foam for combination and oily skin, and a cleansing gel for normal skin.

  1. Sensitive areas of the face

The skin around the eyes and lips is fragile and vulnerable, requiring enhanced care. Homemade creams with fruit acids help to remove puffiness, moisturize the dermis around the eyes, and reduce dark circles, while regular vitamin E and honey will help to cope with the problem of dry lips.

  1. Gentle cleansing

It is necessary to cleanse the skin twice a day – in the morning and the evening, because after sleeping, you remove the remnants of the exfoliated epidermis and, in the evening – decorative cosmetics. You should wash your face with water at room temperature and wipe it with paper towels.

  1. Toning

After each cleansing, you need to normalize the acid-base balance of the skin. With the help of toners, you will prepare your face for further care and be able to increase the effectiveness of other care products.

  1. Peeling

Light and moisturizing procedures based on oatmeal are best suited for home use. For deeper cleansing, use scrubs, such as strawberry-based ones. This procedure should be performed 1–2 times a week.

  1. Moisturizing

Our dermis is almost entirely composed of water, but poor ecology and chlorinated water can dry it out. Use masks to moisturize your skin. You can make them at home with avocado and oil or cucumber juice.

  1. Sun protection

To prevent premature photoaging, use sunscreen, even in winter. Choose the protection level according to the sun's radiation intensity.

  1. Professional care

Add professional respect to your professional routine, which you can now afford at home with Lumia's wide range of products. One of our bestsellers – the Lumia Penetrado, is a device with a detachable head. The device is used to cleanse,exfoliate, andmassage the skin. It delivers excellent rejuvenation results.

So, you should never forget that the beauty of your skin is in your hands. And proper home care will ensure the youthful and healthy appearance of your face.

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