How does anti-aging LED light therapy work?

Has anybody been interested in eternal youth? The time has passed when we could only rely on lotions, creams, and masks to keep our skin healthy. Now the best results in skincare can be given with buttons. LED light therapy is very popular nowadays.

For derma rejuvenate, adding a healthy glow, elasticity, cleanse tegument of pimples, pigment spots and scars, traditional serum techniques can help, but not as much as this gadget that Lumiapresents to you in all its variety. LED photodynamic therapy can handle this quickly and efficiently.

LED Therapy's Advantages:

  • No ultraviolet rays can be used regularly.
  • LED therapy, unlike peeling, dermabrasion, or laser, does not result in burns or discomfort.
  • It is suitable for people of all skin tones and colours.
  • Almost no side effects.
  • User-friendliness. LED therapy is also available for home use.
  • The procedure with the cosmetologist will cost much more eventually.

Light therapy is generally safe because it has no heating action. It’s non-aggressive and doesn’t break any skin structures. Even the strict FDA organization, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, has approved light therapy devices.

How does anti-aging LED light therapy work?

How do the light and colour act together?

In its anti-aging home devices, the Lumia uses the most efficient types of rays. We have already considered LED therapy in brief. Therapy with red light and therapy with blue light are two separate kinds of treatments that have outstanding results. Red light therapy stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin in dermis cells. Both proteins help to keep the skin looking fresh.

Lumia’s top anti-wrinkle gadgets include two wavelength-changing modes: red and blue light. The rays of red colour have been scientifically demonstrated to boost collagen and elastin formation by improving local blood circulation. Clinical studies have shown that using red light for two weeks on a daily basis can lessen the look of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Acne recovery can also be aided by red light.

A little more specificity would be nice here. Each colour in the spectrum has a unique wavelength, and depending on that wavelength, light can penetrate 0.3–3 mm into the skin and produce distinct effects. Red light (with a wavelength of 625-740 nm) is one of the most powerful, improving the metabolism of any cell. Red light boosts the density and elasticity of the skin as it ages, reduces the visibility of large pores, and stimulates hair growth in alopecia. It's also useful afterwards.

For serious and visible spectaculars, it is better to choose such Lumia gadgets as Lumia Delicado, Lumia Experto and Expreto +, in which a large surface emits light. It is a wonderful investment and a superb gift for your skin.

How efficient are light gadgets?

They’re highly effective because the first positive results are visible within a couple of weeks. Lumia gadgets are the best choice of home anti-aging devices that work. Be sure, they will live up to your expectations!