How does your lifestyle impact your aging?

Genes and lifestyle are the two main parameters that affect the condition of our skin. If the first is not within our control, the second completely depends on the person. We will try to explain how our way of life affects our skin and how to fix it to preserve youth and beauty for a long time.

Our skin is the largest human organ in that area. The area of skin in an adult reaches 1.5–2.3 m2, weighs 4–6%, and, together with subcutaneous fat fibre, takes 16–17% of the total body weight.

Skin functions are extremely diverse:

  • Protection of the body from external factors – chemical, biological, and physical.
  • Participation in thermoregulation and water-salt exchange of the organism.
  • Respiratory function: the skin is able to absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide.
How does your lifestyle impact your aging?

Skin health depends on:

It depends on lifestyle: smoking, alcohol, improper nutrition, neglect of personal hygiene, and excessive sunlight have a negative impact on the human skin. Various communicable and non-communicable diseases also cause deterioration of the skin.

What to do to make the skin beautiful and healthy?

First, take care of your health. Perform timely treatment of acute and chronic diseases. Do not neglect the recommendations of your doctor.

Second, eat rationally. Proper nutrition can regulate the sufficient intake of liquids, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and trace elements.

Third, bring plenty of liquids to your daily routine. On average, a person needs about 2 liters of water per day. However, a person of large stature or in hot weather may need more water.

Fourth, give up bad habits. Every part of the body, including the skin, is hurt by alcohol and cigarette smoke.

Fifth, maintain a balanced work and relaxation schedule. Healthy sleep, full rest, and no stress contribute to the health not only of the skin but also of the whole body.

Sixthly, avoid harsh environmental effects on your skin. Dress for the weather, protecting the exposed areas of the body from excessive sunlight or exposure to cold.

When should you visit a cosmetologist?

If you have the chance to avoid cosmetic surgery and are able to replace it with home treatment, then you have to do it. If the skin is healthy, going to a beautician is optional until a certain age. The main thing is to follow a regular, properly selected home care. If you do not like edema, bags under the eyes, or small wrinkles after sleeping, a beautician can help you choose a home remedy gadget to keep your skin healthy and shiny. The Lumia offers groundbreaking technologies to maintain healthy, radiant skin. Visit our online store to know more.

And remember, by taking care of your skin, you will not only prolong your beauty and health but also improve the quality and longevity of your life.