How to arrange anti-aging LED facial therapy at home?

Daily home care is much more important than one-off salon treatments because it guarantees you have healthy and fresh skin every day. Salon care is an emergency measure that has an immediate effect, but it does not always last long. In addition, the pandemic has influenced our lives strongly. Now, it is much safer and no less effective to carry out the necessary procedures in your home. Cleaning and toning agents, masks, creams, and, of course, anti-aging led facial therapy, which is the new revolutionary word in the skincare system, will assist you in this.

How to arrange anti-aging LED facial therapy at home?

Why is good skincare essential?

Bad skin is a result of health problems in only 18% of cases; in others, it happens due to incorrect, incomplete, or irregular facial care. As with everything, it is not enough to choose the right strategy; the regularity of all procedures is important, regardless of your location, fatigue, etc. Home care for normal skin, for oily, for dry, decaying skin, will be different, but a huge plus is using anti-aging devices for the face that provide gentle and effective care for any skin type. It is best to use this system in a complex.

Stages of daily facial skincare and necessary products:

If you do everything correctly and step by step, the effect will be visible from the first application. For a more systematic approach to self-care, experts recommend starting with the Lumia Skin Analyzer, just to achieve a 15-second efficient skin analysis for skin problems.

  1. Purification. If this is a morning wash, use milk, foam, or gel that suits you.
  2. Scrubbing and peeling are not daily procedures, but they must be done once or twice a week (depending on your skin type).
  3. Face masks. Depending on the purpose, you can apply them either daily or 1-2 times a week.
  4. Patches or eye serum. They give you emergency help by making you look fresher in 15 minutes.
  5. Tonic or lotion. The tonic helps to calm the skin, narrow the pores and prepare your face for the next stages.
  6. Eye cream.The face serum is very important in skincare; it has a large concentration of substances that deeply nourish, moisturize, and even heal the skin.
  7. Face cream is applied after the serum, amplifies its action and add feeds and moisturizes the skin.
  8. Modern technologies. Next, pay attention to Lumia’s beauty devices for facial and neck care. Previously, we talked about Lumia’s LED devices. This unique tool positively affects facial skin by using medicinal LEDs with different wavelengths for deep action on all layers of skin. The range of our gadgets is quite wide, and it is constantly expanding. Their effectiveness in daily care has already been scientifically proven. Using them, you achieve optimal skin health directly from your home, reviving weakened and dead skin cells all the way deep into your epidermis, reducing acne bacteria, boosting collagen, and even preventing pigmentation.

Having good and well-chosen facial care at your fingertips, you can save a lot on beauty parlor procedures while having beautiful, fresh, and glowing facial skin always.