How to care for your skin at any age

Wrinkles, age spots, and uneven skin tone are all signs of aging, which is challenging, and, unfortunately, unavoidable. Our skin starts fading away when we turn 30+. Our bodies make 1% less collagen yearly, and the regeneration rate slows down. How to get healthy and radiant facial skin? Everything is simple. Proper daily care and a professional approach can solve the problems mentioned above.

How to care for your skin at any age

Small secrets of effective skin routine

The key steps in skincare must include cleansing, regular application of specific products such as serums, and timely moisturizing.

Cleansing and moisturizing are considered the most critical ones. And it's possible to add customized care steps depending on your needs (to combat age-related changes, even skin tone, eliminate acne, etc.). The thing for you is to follow a morning and evening beauty routine. After all, they are vital for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin conditions. Facial skin care can be divided into two categories:

  1. daily care
  2. occasional professional care, namely specific procedures that should be done at a certain frequency at home

Care products should moisturize, restore the skin, and make it feel soft.

Proper daily care should include four crucial renewal stages:

  • cleansing
  • toning
  • moisturizing/nourishing
  • protection.

Our team of cosmetologists suggests not to forget about sunscreen! Even on cloudy days, it's vital to protect your skin with UV cosmetics, regardless of the season. Apart from avoiding sunburn, it lowers the risks of skin cancer and delays the onset of early aging. In the future, you'll appreciate it. With broad-spectrum sunscreen, your skin will be shielded from UVA and UVB rays. Because UVA radiation can harm skin without burning, it is crucial.

The beauty routine is more than just an anti-aging treatment. It must make you healthy for a long time, keeping your skin fresher and more beautiful.

Devices in the anti-aging skincare routine

Beauty injections can be replaced by gadgets ( LEDs and massagers) in anti-aging routines. Long-term results will be spectacular if you start using them for prevention. Without injections, we have a chance that even in 5–10 years, our patients will have a tightened, faultless appearance!

Gadgets and cosmetics are a winning combination! Of course, this is a kind of home care upgrade. Therefore, it will always be in the first place. If these are serums, they should come with iontophoresis therapy with the help of a tool that will enhance the effect.

Together with LED, it is a good idea to use cosmetics with vitamin C. For microcurrents, we advise you to choose gel textures for cosmetics so that they keep up a hydration level for a long time, and there is no need to apply a gel for ultrasound therapy. Moreover, skin-rejuvenation gadgets are able to replace salon procedures. Physiotherapy has such a feature that the frequency of its use is more important than its intensity.

No procedure guarantees a result “once and for all.” For example, injections must be repeated in courses with a certain periodicity. Therefore, a regular deep wrinkle treatment is more productive than chaotic trips to the beautician's office. Choose gadgets by the Lumia. You will only need to maintain a straight back, keep the gadget at eye level, and have a high head in all ways!