How to choose an anti-aging rejuvenation device

The beauty industry is not standing still. New methods and ways of restoring beauty and youth are constantly being developed. Hardware cosmetology for face rejuvenation is a procedure that successfully solves skin rejuvenation problems such as lifting, smoothing of wrinkles, elimination of pigment stains, vascular netting, and pasting. Smooth, even, shiny skin is the result of using modern, innovative equipment from the Lumia brand.

Today, hardware cosmetology has become part of the lives of many women. Many treatments help combat aging, cleanse the dermis, maintain its tone, and tighten the face. In beauty salons, the cost of services is kept at a high level. If you buy an anti-aging rejuvenation device in the shop, it will be much cheaper in the long run.

How to choose an anti-aging rejuvenation device

Why Lumia?

The Lumia really has the best anti-aging rejuvenation devices with the best value for money and highest quality standards. Previously, in our articles, we proved that the anti-aging devices of our brand are completely safe, which is shown by many certificates and health organizations.

Benefits of anti-aging rejuvenation therapy:

  • The procedure is non-invasive, does not leave scars, does not damage the skin, and does not create preconditions for allergic reactions, blood loss, and tissue infection.
  • RF-lifting does not require special preparation.
  • There is no rehabilitation period after the procedure, so you can immediately return to a normal way of life.
  • A radio wave lift can be performed at any time of the year.
  • The procedure is equally well-tolerated by men and women and provides an excellent rejuvenating result.
  • The effect of RF-lifting is noticeable after the first procedure, but the maximum result can be enjoyed after the full course of application, which is comparable to a number of plastic surgeries.
  • The effect of RF-lifting is noticeable after the first procedure, but the maximum result can be enjoyed after the course of treatment, which is comparable to a number of plastic operations.

Undoubtedly, age changes, exposure to ultraviolet and environmental hazards, bad water and ecology, poor care, and many other causes lead to skin damage, slowing of exchange processes, blood microcirculation, and toxin withdrawal. As a result, the cells’ normal balance of active substances, moisture, and oxygen is disrupted.

The skin surface thickens and coarsens, wrinkles appear, the oval of the face “blurs,” the color of the face becomes gray and dull. In deep layers, the production of collagen and elastin necessary for the elasticity of the skin is slowed down. The strong mesh of these helical proteins weakens, stretches, and breaks. This process creates deeper wrinkles.

To improve skin conditions at home, specialists recommend paying attention to what you eat (do not overeat), sleeping at least 8 hours (go to bed at 22.00), drinking enough water during the day, and avoiding stress. However, this is well-known and generalized advice. To achieve more progress, we recommend trying LED therapy.

Result of the application of an anti-aging rejuvenation device by the Lumia:

  • Deep and facial wrinkles are smoothed out.
  • Skin tone elasticity and elasticity must be restored.
  • The face's oval is sharply tightened, clear, and formalized.
  • Splashes, "second chin," eyebrows are raised;
  • The circulation of blood and lymph is improving.
  • Signs of fatigue, swelling, and “dark circles” under the eyes fade away;
  • Vascular expansion
  • Facial color is improved, skin tone is levelled.
  • The natural skin structure is strengthened.
  • Aging is slowing.
  • Scars, spots, and scars on the beads have been reduced;

If the recommendations are correctly followed and regularly practiced, their effect is no less than that of the cosmetologists.

The Lumia offers devices that have been tested by millions of women around the world. Their efficiency and safety have been proven, and the effects of the procedure will be pleasing to you for a long time. By buying a single home appliance, you can have full rejuvenating sessions without going to expensive beauty salons or experiencing the painful recovery from plastic surgery.