How to even skin tone in 5 steps

Statistics show that eight out of ten residents of large cities have skin problems. The reasons for this can be different: poor ecology, stress, and an unhealthy diet. But to achieve a perfect complexion, you don't need to apply countless layers of foundation and constantly use concealer tobrighten skin. Fortunately, there are easier solutions for these skin issues. By choosing the properskincare routinewith the support of anti-aging gadgets from Lumia, you will have radiant, even, and healthy skin at a minimal cost. 

How to even skin tone in 5 steps
What causes skin issues

Many factors affect the skin, some of which create uneven relief and leave scars. These include:

  1. Adverse effects of acne
  2. Scars from infectious and viral diseases, allergic reactions
  3. Improperly selected daily care
  4. Negative consequences of traditional medicine
  5. Traumatic factors
  6. Harmful decorative cosmetics;
  7. Burns, cuts, and dark spots
  8. Enlarged pores of the face
  9. Hereditary diseases

How to smooth out skin relief on the face?

There are many methods of treating facial skin problems, both injectable and with the use of hardware. Depending on the skin's condition, the aesthetician individually selects the treatment. To smooth out the skin's relief, you should start from the correctly selected skincare that has to be based on the following:
  • Cleansing your skin with foam or gel. It's a common misconception that after removing makeup, your skin is clean, and nothing more needs to be done.
  • Peeling. It will help if you exfoliate regularly to make your skin more apparent and radiant.
  • Skin toning. Toners contain moisturizers that support the moisturizing effect of all other skincare products. Pay attention to the toners from leading brands to improve your daily skincare routine.
  • Skin care around the eyes. You do not need to wait until the first fine lines appear around the eyes. Regular eye care slows down the appearance of crow's feet as much as possible. 
  • Sunscreen. After applying moisturizer, one more step should occur during morning skin care, namely, using a cream with SPF. Regardless of the weather outside the window, the sun's rays hit our skin similarly, which means we need to protect it and thus slow down premature skin aging or the appearance of age spots.
After that, you should proceed to some more “serious” steps, including:
  1. Laser resurfacing (a non-traumatic technique that stimulates the growth of young facial skin by destroying old collagen)
  2. Plasmolifting (serves to regenerate the skin at the cellular level thanks to platelet- and fibrin-rich plasma)
  3. Phototherapy uses light pulses to even out the skin's relief and tone
  4. Biorevitalization promotes the synthesis of elastin and collagen, improves skin tone, and relief
  5.  Radio Frequency technology, Medical LED technology from Lumia (promotes the disappearance of scars,hyperpigmentation, and post-acne)
As mentioned above, some many reasons and factors that affect our skin. In order not to experience such problems, use well-chosen professional cosmetics, intelligent little Lumia devices, and our tips, and you will always be irresistible!