How to have beauty salon procedures with the best home device

Today, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the inability to leave the house, beauty gadgets from objects of adoration and luxury have become necessary items on the dressing table. The best home devices can replace some salon treatments, giving the skin a smoother appearance and generally making your life a lot easier. What is the best device for home use? The Lumia has an answer!

How do you use gadgets to get the most out of them?

The first step is to consult with a specialist to select the appropriate device!

The second step is to find working cosmetics. And the third rule of successful gadget use is regular application.

How to have beauty salon procedures with the best home device

What is the best way to combine devices with beauty care products?

Indeed, skin must be prepared for the use of anti-wrinkle devices. Choose high-quality cosmetic products that match your skin type and also can be used in combination with LED gadgets.

The Lumia recommends using RF gel with Experto and Experto+ treatment devices to enhance the positive effect. These devices really help stimulate your skin and keep your jaw area in perfect shape!

If it is a LED technology, it is good to use cosmetics with vitamin C. For microcurrents, we would advise you to select cosmetics with gel textures to keep them wet for a long time.

Works better: LED therapy + ultrasound. 

So, what are the advantages of machines like our Lumia Delicado and Penetrado? 

  • Complex action. Through it, we have combined two technologies. Due to this synergy, it effectively manages such aesthetic defects as sprinkles, acne and growths, age changes, wrinkles, loss of tone and dryness of skin, pigmentation, and age patches.
  • Versatility. Technology is suitable for any skin type, even with age signs and high sensitivity.
  • Advanced functionality. You can use ultrasound therapy separately, or combine it with one or more LEDs. 
  • Atraumatic. This apparatus is designed for toning, delicate purification, and nourishing. It has no period of rehabilitation and does not injure the skin.

Main procedural rules:

  1. Careful skin cleaning before the session.
  2. A special conductive gel is used during the procedure.
  3. All cosmetics should be suitable for Rf-lifting (due to electric impulses, cosmetic compositions not intended for this type of procedure can change their properties and lead to undesirable effects).
  4. The manipulation cannot be delayed in one place (otherwise the skin can be burned).
  5. Start the procedure at minimum intensity, gradually increasing it every 30-40 seconds (should not be painful, but try to reach maximum power).

As you can see, facial skincare in the home can be professional if you approach the choice of devices correctly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on operating the apparatus and subsequent skincare.