How to monitor skin conditions with anti-aging machines for face

Coolhunters and trend research experts say that every year the beauty industry is going to gain even more momentum, as people in big cities are already willing to spend more money on looking after themselves rather than on clothes. This trend leads to the increased demand for not only cosmetics, but also for high-tech anti-aging devices ready to replace beauty parlour procedures. The beauty industry is happy with these tendencies, and brands are producing anti-aging machines for faces, capable of solving a whole range of skin problems.

Even if you regularly visit a beauty salon or an aesthetic medicine clinic, you should not neglect your daily home care. Daily beauty rituals at home will help prolong the effect of professional procedures and even improve your mood. Taking care of yourself professionally is very pleasant, especially if it comes from advanced gadgets at your fingertips!

Undoubtedly, modern beauty and health gadgets are not a substitute for a full-time doctor’s visit and a correct diagnosis, but they are capable of recognizing the first signs of malaise.

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Is it possible to check and control skin conditions at home?

For that and other cases, the Lumia brand presents you with a Skin Analyzer. A device designed by dermatologists to diagnose skin, Lumia Analyzer is the most advanced skin detection equipment in the world, with powerful functions such as shooting, analyzing, and presenting all in one device.

What does Skin Analyzer do?

  1. It can determine the level of humidity of the skin, measure the humidity of the air and the power of UV radiation. In fact,it detects 10 various skin problems from the epidermis and dermis.
  2. Based on these indicators (analysis and systematisation), Skin Analyzer selects an optimal skincare scheme that can effectively solve existing problems. With such high market demand (up to 100%), the Lumia Analyzer will be an excellent addition to your beauty collection.

Using the Analyzer together with other Lumia devices, you can control your skin condition and follow improvements. That sounds good!

As we can see, the revolution in the world of beauty technologies is underway: the boom of gadgets promises more miracles each time. The Lumia keeps up with all the new developments and, above all, considers your skin needs.

Lumia’s anti-aging face care and smart devices are able to take care of your skin in all senses! With Lumia's help, you will have an impeccable and well-maintained appearance by just operating it a couple of times per week while staying at home.