How to prevent wrinkles: top 5 tips

Age spares no one. Over time, the speed of regenerative processes decreases, and skin cells slow down collagen production. As a result, wrinkles appear on the face. Of course, the development of the beauty industry is moving by leaps and bounds. But, it cannot cope with all the problems. Experts recommend using various age prevention skin cares. You might doubt their efficiency, but they really work.

Cosmetic products against wrinkles

Cosmetic care aims to maintain the skin's primary function – protection. Day and night creams ensure the skin is protected during the day and restored during the night. The minimum program helps to keep the skin smooth and supple, preventing dehydration and photodamage.

How to prevent wrinkles: top 5 tips

If you aim to avoid wrinkles, you should know which cosmetic ingredients target age-related skin changes:

  • retinol has a renewing effect, smoothing the skin and stimulating collagen synthesis;
  • hyaluronic acid makes wrinkles less noticeable. The skin becomes more elastic and complete due to powerful moisturizing;
  • peptides boost the synthesis of collagen, which becomes less intense with age;
  • antioxidants fight oxidative stress and its consequences, which are damage to collagen structures;
  • acids ensure uniform exfoliation of old cells and the formation of new ones, smoothing the skin's microrelief.
  • If you want to prevent and fight wrinkles, primary care is supplemented with additional consideration in the form of serums and concentrates with an effective dose of active ingredients.

Anti-aging exercises for the face

Facial gymnastics and facial fitness are designed to tone up sluggish muscles, relax tense ones, increase blood flow, and remove excess fluid. The exercises include self-massage techniques, lymphatic drainage, and work on neck static and posture – the basics of a youthful face.

RF lifting

RF lifting at home is a quick, easy, and effective procedure. The main thing is to follow the regimen regularly; the effect will appear after 3–4 sessions. Stretched and weakened tissues instantly tighten and form a new muscle framework, due to which the skin is tightened and becomes firm and elastic. Lumia Experto is a highly efficient device that uses RF technology to make your skin young and glowing.


In cases of prominent skin sagging and drooping, we recommend a course of home SMAS-lifting and EMS therapy. The skin actively regenerates and produces new structural combinations, forming a young muscular frame of the face.


As for EMS therapy, this procedure tightens the facial oval and eliminates the manifestations of ptosis using intense electrical impulses. During the process, the muscles are actively contracted, blood and lymph circulation is accelerated, and cellular metabolism is improved. Muscles are moderately strengthened and toned. After a few treatments, you will notice how the oval of your face is tightened, its contours are sculpted, and deep wrinkles are smoothed out.

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