How to slow down aging processes with skin tightening machines

Good skin throughout life is not necessarily a matter of genes or ecology. Our regular work on our appearance and health is the main condition. Let's try to figure out how to reduce the risk of early wrinkles and a dull complexion. Apart from well-known recommendations, we will also talk about such devices as skin tightening machines.

How can I slow down skin fading?

Well, the key steps to daily care are the following:

  • Wash your face carefully and regularly
  • Pick out cosmetics containing retinol and vitamin A
  • Use serums for your skin type and condition
  • Deep pore cleaning
  • Always use make-up with SPF filters (even in the cold time of the year)
  • Change your diet into a healthy one.
  • Make sport a part of your daily routine
  • Avoid stress. Many illnesses are caused by nervous tension, and your appearance will not benefit.
  • Sleep more
  • Pay less attention to petty troubles.

The most pleasant thing is that you can do all of the above yourself at home.

To achieve the best result, we recommend adding a bit of modern technology to standard daily procedures. We are talking about the Lumia’s LED gadgets. And today, we want to present Lumia Delicado.

Lumia Delicado

This ground-breaking device will eventually restore and repair your derma without harsh chemicals or creams. A Medical LED light is combined with heat, vibrations, and far-infrared technologies.

How does Lumia Delicado work?

Light therapy, or LED therapy, helps to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms. It can be used for any skin type. With over a 10-minute procedure, the level of moisture in the skin is increased, the brightness of pigmentation is reduced, any redness is reduced, and the sebaceous glands are corrected.

The device acts with three types of light: red for elasticity and the removal of wrinkles; blue for the reduction of inflammation; and orange for the control of pigmentation.

Please note that your favorite cosmetics must be applied in advance as the device will make it penetrate deeper into the skin, enhancing the cosmetological properties.

Delicado has a small treatment head to perform a focused treatment around the eyes, mouth, and nose. You don’t have to worry about your eyes; the device is set so that light only affects the surface of the skin. And by the way, all the products by the Lumia are FDA approved and CE certified.

Lumia Delicado effectively eliminates signs of aging, equalizes skin tone, and fixes skin defects.

And, of course, remember that anti-aging devices should be applied regularly and be part of your life. And try to keep to the recommendations of a healthy lifestyle every day!

Take care of yourself, love yourself, and stay young!