How to use a beauty instrument

Isn't it great that we can perform a full skincare procedure without visiting a beauty salon? With the help of a small device, we can not only effectively clean the skin but also make its relief even and smooth, reducing wrinkles and inflammation. New technologies are being used in the beauty industry more and more these days. Hardware cosmetology is a trend that is becoming very popular. Thanks to the Lumia brand, we can make these often-expensive procedures happen at home. Today we will talk about those well-known but still necessary steps in our beauty routine.

How to use a beauty instrument

Preliminary routine steps

  1. Heating the skin with warm air is an effective way to get it ready for cleaning. To do this, you can take a hot shower or warm your face with warm wet towels.
  2. Cleansing is the first step of skincare and the foundation of building a healthy body. This process removes some dead skin cells, excess sebum, and microorganisms; the pores shrink, and the skin begins to “breathe.” For effective skin cleansing, you should pay attention to the Lumia Penetrado, which cleanses, exfoliates, and massages the skin using a detachable silicone head. This hygienic silicone head helps to remove 97% of all dirt, germs, makeup, and oil from the skin.
  3. Working on skin puffiness is the next phase, which is especially important in the summer. So, pay close attention to the Experto device, which improves how your skin looks. The Experto device gently promotes skin activity and kick-starts natural collagen and elastin production.
  4. Skin moisturization and nutrition with Lumia Penetrado. Putting on cosmetics (creams or serums) while using the Lumia Penetrado is a better way to get more active and helpful ingredients in the neck area with the help of Lumia Experto and Experto+ using RF gel to optimize treatment as much as possible!

The main thing is to carefully read the list of contraindications and work according to the instructions, not exceeding the intensity, time of the procedure, and the number of sessions. Even though you want to see the effect instantly, it is still necessary to let the skin get used to the new sensations. If you follow all the rules and do regular work, the results will be excellent as expected!

Lumia’s benefits

Of the technologies and gadgets that are already on the market, it is necessary to highlight the Lumia, which uses the three most revolutionary methods: 

  • they tone and strengthen the skin; 
  • they improve the oval and the lines
  • they make the color of the face healthy and radiant. 

This technique activates metabolism and provokes microcirculation in the tissues. It allows you to get a high-quality and noticeable result even at home.

Modern technology works wonders. It seems that soon every woman will have a robot to do her make-up and dress her before she wakes up. But that’s in the future. In the meantime, choose only the best for yourself. In any case, resist the loud advertisement and consider how it will affect your health and appearance.

And the best well-reputed devices that offer a good price-quality ratio and meet the highest health safety standards can be only on the Lumia website.