Is at-home microcurrent worth the hype?

There is an opinion that microcurrent therapy restores the youth. But, unfortunately, the elixir of the youth has not been invented yet, and while it is being sought, microcurrent therapy will help to turn back the time!

Why is it so effective?

It's all about the technology of exposure. Our body is 70% water. It contains ions that move in an orderly manner from the cell to the tissue fluid and back. They are responsible for transmitting nerve impulses correctly, muscle contractions, and saturation of cells with nutrients. If this process is disrupted, the distribution of electrical charges is improper. As a result, the cell's metabolic processes are disrupted, slow down, and go into “hibernation.”

What are microcurrents?

These are low-strength electric current pulses. They mimic natural electric charges and awaken cells. It produces an alarm clock effect: cells wake up again, membrane channels open, and metabolic processes are restored.

In addition, microcurrent therapy affects not only the surface of the epidermis. It also affects all soft tissues: dermis, muscle tissue, blood, and lymphatic vessels. Such a complex effect tones not only the skin but also the muscular frame – it relaxes spasms or, on the contrary, tones them up.

What are the other effects of microcurrents?

  • Amino acid transport increases.
  • Improvements in the synthesis of DNA, proteins, and lipids.
  • Collagen and elastin production is stimulated.

The main benefits of using microcurrent technology devices by the Lumia:

  1. Correction of the face oval.
  2. Prevention and correction of wrinkles, pigmentation, and dark circles under the eyes.
  3. Care for hypersensitive skin.
  4. Oily and problem skin.
  5. Improvement of the condition of oily and problem skin, as well as flabby, atonic conditions.
  6. Elimination of lymph stagnation and swelling.

The main feature of the method is that there is no age limit, unlike other lifting techniques. Microcurrents can be applied to improve overall skin tone and elasticity. It means a portable device like the Lumia Experto will be handy.

Lumia Experto in your home care collection

This beautiful little helper will be the perfect addition to your bathroom shelf. Small but mighty, it will become your faithful traveling companion, as it fits even in a regular bag. Its compact size is also handy when working on delicate skin like the under-eye area.

What areas it works in:

  • Tightening. It stimulates the muscles, which in turn tightens the facial skin.
  • Toning. The device generates micro-vibrations that accelerate intracellular blood and lymph circulation. Thus, cells are filled with oxygen and nutrients faster.
  • Relaxation. The device relieves muscle spasms and creases that can cause wrinkles in the future.
  • Rejuvenation. Microcurrents help to produce new collagen fibers, which are the main building blocks of the skin, resulting in improved overall tone and elasticity.

As you can see, this device is a must-have for anyone who cares about their appearance and wants to improve their skin tone. Just 15 min three times per week will enhance your shiny look quickly!