Is it OK to do red light therapy every day?

Why is everyone really into LED treatments? The answer is simple – fighting acne, anti-aging, and no traces of “metropolis syndrome.” LED is a “new boom” in cosmetology. Light of different shades can treat your skin problems. It's not a fantasy novel annotation but a reality in which the beauty industry exists today. LED therapy is quickly and confidently gaining a place among the most popular professional and home cosmetic procedures.

It is recommended to use red light therapy 3 to 5 times a week for a lasting effect and a good result. In general, the system consists of eight procedures. At most, two sessions are preferred per week. Of course, a specialist chooses the optimal number of applications. The decision is based on your skin's features and personal preferences.

Contraindications to using LED therapy every day include hypersensitivity to light. However, that cannot be considered as final “no”, as we discovered above, LED is a very low-intensity light. It has minimal complications and a wide range of benefits for skin health.

Efficiency and safety

It is safe to use regularly. The light soothes inflamed areas, “inspiring” them to start repair and self-healing processes. In addition, the red spectrum is used in trichology to stimulate hair follicles to grow hair by improving blood circulation in the scalp. It is painless, without side effects or contraindications, non-invasive, and safe for women and men of any age category. Moreover, LED therapy perfectly complements all dermatological treatment protocols and cosmetic procedures without exception, enhancing and prolonging their effects. Lumia Experto H is our newest device that works on the hairy part of the head. This home gadget stimulates hair growth and improves blood microcirculation, preventing hair loss.

Who can use this treatment, and who cannot?

  • Dermatologists say that everyday use may be safe in some cases , depending on your situation. However, more frequent procedures should be carried by professional beauticians.
  • Over 200 medical and university studies in the last few years have shown that LED treatment has no adverse side effects. This process doesn't hurt, but you might feel a little warmth around the edge of the area that is being treated. Only eye protection should be worn during the practice.
  • LED treatment is a natural, non-invasive process that shouldn't be done if you have cancer, conditions that could lead to cancer, or photopathologies like porphyria or photosensitizers.
  • The physician says, “There is a theoretical risk of eye injury for a small group of people with certain eye diseases that are also present and for people taking medications that can make the eyes more sensitive to light.”


Our dermatology experts say anyone wanting to add a device to their beauty routine is welcome. Lumia experts recommend using red light therapy three to five times per week for 10 to 20 minutes.

Lumia devices use light colors that have been shown to work in clinical tests and are fully approved. Most of the time, you should use our fair treatment products after cleaning and before any other makeup applications. Visit our website for more details.