LED light therapy: What is it, and does it improve skin?

No matter how old a woman is, where she lives, and what she does, she always wants to remain young, beautiful, and, of course, healthy. All of these are possible right now with the best LED light therapy device that the Lumia can offer. With light therapy treatment, you can get clean skin and a healthy appearance without spending much time at beauty salons.

LED light therapy: What is it, and does it improve skin?

So, what is LED therapy?

Since the introduction of LED therapy to the public, everybody seems to have written about it. Myths, facts, assumptions, and guesses — indeed, it is hard not to get lost in this abundance of information.  Nevertheless, there are still many questions to be answered. And today, we will finally search to the bottom of this procedure.

It is safe. First, this skincare method is completely safe. And this is well known because LED therapy has been used in cosmetology for more than a decade. LED skin therapy does not have any thermal effects. There are no harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays, so damage to skin tissue (even the most sensitive) is minimized. And this kind of therapy does not cause photosensitivity and is safe even in summer (both before and after staying in the sun). No side effects were noticed by the manufacturers and testers.

It’s beneficial for health and skin. Face light therapy increases nitrogen oxide formation in processing zones and thus improves blood circulation in these areas. It also increases blood flow to the site of exposure and influences skin cells. Light particles (photons) stimulate mitochondria in the epidermis and dermis to produce more ATP (an energy-carrying molecule), which in turn leads to an improvement in local metabolism.

No rehabilitation period. Another important point is that the use of anti-aging beauty devices has no rehabilitation period. There will be no 1-2 weeks of pain and bad health and, of course, no serious complications. You will notice the positive difference very quickly when using your device before bedtime a couple of times a week. And the result will not “go with the wind” if you stop making procedures, unlike it often happens with injections, for example. Also, if you like massage and microcurrent therapy, then you should do face light therapy because it combines both.

No outside changes. Probably, the most important one. Light therapy for skin does not change your face or make it “look artificial.” You may have noticed that after plastic interventions or Botox injections, people’s faces look similar to each other. Light therapy for skin saves your beauty and individuality (you will still recognize yourself in the mirror), improves skin from the inside, and makes it heal without any harm.

We have to mention that aggressive procedures often have a quick and pronounced effect, but in the long run, they drain the resources of our skin, without slowing down aging. Of course, sacrificing your health for beauty is foolish and even criminal. Moreover, being beautiful if your health is not good is impossible!Beauty does not require sacrifice! 

Following the slogan, “The Lumia is the place where technology meets beauty,” we are confident that among our various devices, you will find that special assistant to help you stay happy and healthy!

We do hope we’ve been able to convince you that there’s no need for beauty shots and that, at any age, a woman can look attractive if she looks after herself if she looks after her skin regularly and wants to be beautiful.

Stay young and healthy!