Lumia Delicado: the best device for achieving radiant skin

Today, RF thermolifting is one of the most effective ways to combat the signs of skin aging. The thermolifting device acts on the deep layers of the epidermis with energy that heats the skin and stimulates the natural renewal process in the cells. Radio waves are used in radio-frequency lifting, and they work in a way similar to how they work in other ways. This technique involves the use of special equipment like the Lumia Delicado.

Lumia Delicado: the best device for achieving radiant skin

Radiofrequency lifting with Lumia Delicado affects the deep layers of the skin due to the tissues' warming up, which provides natural production of elastin and collagen and radiant glow skin care. Their production contributes to the natural rejuvenation of the skin. As a result of a regular course of procedures, the skin is visibly tightened. It gained better elasticity, healthy color, and smoothness.The results the procedure brings:

  1. It tightens the skin and has a lifting effect.
  2. Eliminated wrinkles
  3. It reduces the flabbiness of face and body skin.
  4. The procedure restores the facial oval.
  5. It gets rid of the “second chin.”
  6. It reduces pores.
  7. It eliminates skin flabbiness.
  8. It improves the complexion.
  9. It hastens rejuvenation.
  10. It eliminates wrinkles and swelling around the eyes.

Lumia Delicado is an excellent alternative to plastic surgery. The accessory is good for radiant skin care, nourishing the face and neck. It has a wide range of uses. It can be worked to deep lift the skin, give the face a facelift, smooth out wrinkles, eliminate skin weakness, and speed up the process of reorganizing cells.


  1. Dermatosis in the treatment area
  2. An acute infectious disease
  3. Chronic diseases in the decompensation stage
  4. Pregnancy and lactation
  5. Innovation in the field of processing
  6. There are gold threads and metal implants in the treatment area.
  7. The presence of a pacemaker or other internal defibrillator.

The average duration of one session is up to 10 minutes. It is recommended to use a special RF gel to ensure better skin contact with the applicator. At the end of the first RF-lifting session, the results will be visible, but for the full effect and preservation of the result, 6 to 12 sessions will be required. If you follow the rules after the procedure, the result of the course of radio lifting is saved for 2-3 years.

Lumia Delicado radio-frequency lifting is a fine non-invasive alternative to operational methods. If the procedure is carried out properly, it gives a clear rejuvenation of the skin, tones the tissue, smoothes, and gives elasticity to the facial skin.