Professional blue light therapy machine

Current trends of 2023 have reflected a growing interest in less-invasive treatment options, including light therapy. This approach incorporates light of different wavelengths and, as a result, different colors for skin treatment. We have already told you about red light therapy, and today, we are going to talk about treatment with blue light.

Based on scientific research findings, it is thought that blue light stimulates cells to produce energy, giving an individual a boost in vitality.

Blue-light LED therapy is highly effective in treating many common skin problems. It helps lessen oil production and improves the texture of the skin. It can aid in healing acne lesions and those facial zones previously scarred by acne.

How does this therapy work?

LED therapy with blue light acts on the body in a number of ways:

  1. Relieves the inflammatory process
  2. calms the nervous system
  3. restores skin tone
  4. improves the condition of mucous membranes
  5. normalizes the work of the intestines and respiratory system
  6. soothes irritated skin

The best device for LED therapy at home

The modern market is flooded with skincare devices, both for home and salon use. The Lumia’s products are designed to deliver professional skincare at home. Our upgraded Lumia Penetrado uses the power of blue light to maintain the healthy and glowing condition of your skin.

For you, this beauty device will function as a tiny time machine. Skin issues like creases, edema, inflammation, and wrinkles will vanish from your face. Age spots, seborrheic plaques, rosacea and acne, and excessive dryness are also among the conditions Lumia Penetrado can handle.

Red, blue, and far-infrared light can be utilized individually or in combination with this professional LED light to penetrate all three layers of skin.

Leading-edge technologies provide almost salon care; it is more profitable to purchase the device once than going to the beauty salons forever.

The device has a straightforward interface, and it is easy to use. Its usage can be combined with other cosmetic procedures and methods. Due to its minimalistic design, the device is easy to store.

How does it work exactly?

Lumia Penetrado is excellent for treating acne and the “metropolitan syndrome,” manifested by a dull, tired face. Blue light helps to enrich the skin with oxygen and affects porphyrins, which are the product of bacteria of the Propionibacterium acnes species. The light of the blue spectrum makes the habitat—the sebaceous glands—unsuitable for bacteria. The fact is that they are anaerobic and “do not like” to breathe oxygen. By increasing its amount in the skin, blue light kills bacteria.

Although this therapy machine is reasonably safe and easy to operate, it is advisable to review the contraindications before using it. These may include specific medical disorders (such as hypertension, epilepsy, and so forth) as well as other factors, such as the existence of a pacemaker. The instructions should include a list of contraindications. However, if you have certain features, you can speak to your doctor and a cosmetologist before purchasing a device for LED therapy at home.

The manufacturer promises that a tangible effect can be seen after the first procedure.