Should I wear clothes during LED light therapy?

The general panic about COVID-19, total lockdown, and remote work environment affected the world of cosmetics as well. The beauty industry has become digitalized. New developments and technologies have emerged, allowing professional rejuvenation procedures to be carried out at home.

RF-lifting, EMS-therapy, SMAS-lifting, and microcurrents are the most popular. Lumia has created unique, comprehensive care devices that combine all necessary rejuvenation procedures. Such devices allow you to get high-quality anti-age care quickly, safely, and at no extra cost, regardless of where you are.

How it works

The skin absorbs the therapeutic light, using it as an energy source and stimulating cell regeneration. As a result, collagen and elastin are produced. LED therapy boosts overall skin healing and new tissue formation. During LED therapy, micropores are opened in cell membranes and the upper layers of the dermis. Due to this, the immersion of active ingredients of applied preparations is realized. The duration of the procedure, intensity, and color of the radiation depends on the purpose of the therapy.

Thanks to the development of beauty technologies, we can do this procedure at home, when and how we are comfortable. There are no restrictions on the clothes. The LED process doesn't require wearing special clothes like the ones for epilation. But when you expose your skin to LED light, it should not be covered with anything.

The most important things you have to remember:

  • Do not go over the recommended procedure timing (every device type and the skin issue require a specific time of application, which you can find in the manual).
  • Remember about preparations and beauty routines such as additional face cleaning and peeling. And, of course, no makeup should be on your skin during the procedure.
  • A specific light wavelength penetrates a skin layer, affecting the cells that absorb it. If it is a sebaceous gland inflammation, we choose red light; if it is pigmentation – yellow or green.
  • In all cases, the LED device is placed a few centimeters away from the area to be treated.

Universal tips for your daily beauty routine

We advise you to create the proper home care regimen and accustom yourself to the systematic use of the Lumia beauty gadget. In the morning: cleansing, toner, serum, and cream. In the evening: hydrophilic cleanser, toner, serum, and cream. Masks – once a week. Your LED procedure has to be performed once or twice a week. The frequency of application of all these products should be selected depending on the needs and condition of the skin.

About beauty “taboos”

  • You need to know what you buy and who you buy from! We suggest our clients only use certified products. Lumia is one of the brands that can justify the quality and show all stages of our production.
  • Also, among the key “taboos,” we advise you never to go out in the sun without SPF protection, go to bed with makeup on, and leave the house without doing your daily beauty routine.

Lumia's portable home gadgets for RF lifting have exploded the global beauty market and made a splash in the US and Europe. And rightly so! After all, women don't have to spend their time and money on expensive, painful, and ineffective hardware procedures in clinics. All you need is to have your perfect home gadget at hand. It will replace a whole beauty salon and a beautician-masseur at once!