Summer skincare hacks you wish you knew sooner

We look forward to the summer every year. We wish we could enjoy it fully, spending time on the beach and getting a nice tan. But in addition to getting tanned, our skin often develops lines, age spots, larger pores, and an oily sheen. During the summer, the skin is exposed to harmful things like UV rays, dust, heat, and waves. The experts at Lumia will tell you skin hacks for summer and how to avoid these problems and take care of different skin types in the summer using hacks for proper skin care and Lumia devices.

Summer skincare hacks you wish you knew sooner

Why is summer dangerous for the skin?

  1. Freckles and age spots appear faster because of excessive melanin production;
  2. UV rays promote cancer growth
  3. A rise in the number of black spots due to active sweating

What to start from?

  1. Cleansing of the face that is both thorough and soft. Choosing cleaning goods should be done with the utmost care and duty. Like Lumia Delicado, which can be used to wash, scrub, and massage the face.
  2. Cleansers for dry skin shouldn't have any chemicals that dry out the skin. Look out for foams that have avocado oil and squalane in them. It's best to wash your face with cool water less often in the summer.
  3. People with oily or mixed skin types should use foams and creams without SLS or SLeS. Look for goods with essential lavender, rosemary, jojoba, and tamanu oils. And don't wash your face with hot or warm water because that makes your skin produce too much grease.
  4. Contrast cleansers are good for tired and aged skin because they tighten the skin, increase blood flow, and strengthen the walls of capillaries. Choose foams and mousses with aloe vera, berry, or fruit oils to wash with. Alcohol shouldn't be included into lotions and tonics that are used after cleaning.
  5. Intensive moisturizing. In the summer, all types of skin need to be hydrated. Heat is able to take all the valuable elements out of your skin. The most valuable beauty hack leading to lines is stocking up on creams. For the summer, you should choose a gel cream or a lotion made with water instead of oil. Also, good moisturizers are moisturizing sprays, hot water, and rose water. People with mature skin should make moisturizing around the eyes a routine. If they don't, the skin in these areas will become dry and saggy. So, a lotion with hyaluronic acid for the face will be an excellent way to keep your skin wet. It makes the skin better at holding on to water.
  6. Sun protection. Sun safety is one of the most essential parts of summer care. A good sunscreen with SPF protection is the most important thing to use every morning. This cream should be put on for 20 minutes before going out in the sun and reapplied every 4 to 5 hours. Did you know that the SPF number tells you the time of day? For example, increase the number of minutes your skin doesn't burn in the sun without protection (say, 10 minutes) by the SPF value (say, 30). You will get the most UV protection that this product can give you, which in this case, is 300 minutes.
  7. Drink more water. If the body isn't getting enough water, the face won't be healthy and pretty. The usual amount of water to drink daily is 1.5–2 liters, plus any liquid from food. But in the summer, people should eat and drink more water. It will help keep the skin's water-lipid balance.
  8. Keep using anti-aging devices regularly. Our devices will help your skin boost collagen and elastin production. And as a result, many visible skin problems, including wrinkles, loss of tone, and pigmentation, will be cured. Check our website for a device by the Lumia that will best meet your skin’s needs.

And remember that you should choose the right summer skin care products and devices to look healthy and keep your face in great shape even during the hottest time of the year.