The best at-home anti-aging devices by Lumia

Have you ever thought that regular usage of the best home anti-aging devices is the key to long-term youth? We are sure you’ve seen aged women with beautiful skin conditions that glow from the inside out. Many people will say, “Well, that’s genetics!” However, they are wrong. A good skin appearance is most often the result of self-care, and only a small percentage of those who manage to keep young can boast a pleasant coincidence of strong genetics as well.

It is a fact that good and well-chosen facial makeup, food, physical activity, and lifestyle in general play a significant role in age-related care. 

However, age-related procedures are really prominent in this list. And if it was necessary to go to a salon in the past, but now many procedures can be performed at home with the help of special gadgets.

The best at-home anti-aging devices by Lumia

What are the most popular gadgets for this task by Lumia? Read our article!

  • Lumia Penetrado

  • Meet the first device of the Lumia brand. It has a sensor surface composed of high-quality tempered glass with a completely even density. Using the Penetrado to apply cosmetics during the treatment is a more efficient way to increase the active and beneficial elements' penetration into your skin.

    The LED light makes subdermal micro burns which, in turn, cause your body to manufacture new collagen and elastin fibres once they have healed. It fixes so many problems with skin!

    We recommend using the device two or three times a week for 10–20 minutes, and the result will not take long.

  • Lumia Delicado

  • Now, we will look closer at another one. This device includes a detachable silicone head applied to cleanse, exfoliate, and massage the skin.

    This hygienic silicone head aids in the removal of 97 per cent of debris, germs, makeup, and oil from the skin. The silicone head cleans your face more thoroughly and can eliminate dirt that your hands couldn't reach.

    You can finally restore and repair your skin without harsh chemicals or creams with Lumia Delicado. 

    If you summarize information about the use of household gadgets, this is a very positive development in the industry. Nowadays, few people know their skin type, its characteristics, and reaction to certain ingredients in cosmetics. 

    Being good-looking is a trend. In this case, the skincare gadgets are only a small part of daily care. But undoubtedly, they are easy to use and allow you to see results soon. And by the way, they are suitable for your life on the go.