The Lumia beauty devices: non-surgical skin rejuvenation

We are often surprised by what the beauty industry comes up with concerning new formulas and innovations, which we now call “gadgets.” And for a long time now, no one has been surprised by the super-modern equipment in beauty salons. But what about devices for home use?

What gadgets the market offers now promise to take your breath away: everything for wrinkle removal, instant face lifting, and deep skin cleansing. We advise you to try the best face rejuvenation without surgery, ensured by the Lumia’s products.

The Lumia beauty devices: non-surgical skin rejuvenation

LED light therapy offers non-invasive facial rejuvenation

The skin loses collagen and elastin, leading to wrinkles and laxity. It can be seen in the skin condition around the eyes, neck, and décolleté. Constant movement makes the upper layer around the eyes strongly stretched in different directions, causing “crow's feet” and wrinkles under the eyes, both familiar places for Botox injections. The skin on the neck and chest ages because of the sun, poor daily care, and regular age-related changes.

LED therapy affects the skin with light waves of different lengths. The skin, in turn, absorbs light and converts it into thermal energy. During the procedure, the skin's vulnerable and hurt cells die and are slowly replaced by new, healthy ones.

If LED therapy at a salon is too expensive or takes too much time, LED gadgets from the Lumia product line will be a great alternative to the new way to fight off aging.

LED devices from the range of our company are painless and 100% effective, even at home. All the ways that skin cells renew themselves happen naturally, without any significant changes to their internal metabolic processes.

LED anti-age devices solve such problems as:

  • Acne and post-acne.
  • Age-related changes, loss of skin tone, sagging tissues, and wrinkles.
  • Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis.
  • Pigment spots.
  • Hypersensitivity and reactive skin.

Serious issues to pay attention at

  1. Speaking about the criteria for choosing efficient beauty gadgets for home use, you first need to pay attention to the manufacturer. We use LED (light-emitting diode) treatments to speed up the healing and repair of astronauts' tissues. Far-infrared technology, like LED and RF light therapy, has been used in clinics for a while, so it is now easier to find at home to take care of your skin.
  2. Also, pay attention to the cost of the device—any gadget for your face, even a high-quality electric skin cleansing brush, can cost “9.99 dollars”. You need to know that companies that make things for a living spend a lot of money making alternatives to professional tools. They cannot risk their reputation.
  3. Efficiency is another crucial criterion. It's a strong argument if you can see and touch the result after the first steps.

And don't forget to ask if there is a guarantee. If the manufacturer isn't sure about the quality of his product, they won't give you a warranty, of course.

At The Lumia, we ensure that our products have all the necessary guarantees and certificates.

The Lumia is a home beauty salon enclosed in a compact, stylish gadget, which takes just 20-30 minutes several times a week and can give your skin the best results!