The Lumia: beauty instrument supplier

Throughout the history of humanity, women have waged an unequal struggle against aging, or rather, its aesthetic manifestations. In recent decades, there have been many methods aimed at improving and rejuvenating the appearance.

Today we are talking again about Radio Frequency, Medical LED, and far-infrared technology.

The Lumia is a leading company that combines radio frequency, medical LED, and far-infrared technology industries, developed by an American company. The beauty devices of the company are recognized as the best LED equipment in terms of technology, capabilities, and performance.

LED Therapy: treatment with light waves of different colours of the spectrum. This action increases the number of so-called ATP-energy molecules, providing fuel for the whole body. As a result, all body systems begin to work with new strength: active synthesis of collagen and growth factors, strengthening of vessels, and suppression of dangerous bacteria.

The basis of the therapeutic actionof radio wave therapy is electromagnetic radiation. How electromagnetic fields interact with different body parts depends mainly on the properties of the tissues, such as their electrical and dielectric conductivities.

The primary task of these technologies is to produce collagen and elastane in the deepest skin layers. Collagen and elastin are the main supporting proteins of the skin, providing it with appropriate tension and moisturization. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the skin and other tissues. The progressive deficiency in collagen with age is the cause of health problems as well as deterioration in the appearance of the skin.

The Lumia: beauty instrument supplier

Indications for treatment (impact area):

  1. Sluggish, hypotonic skin
  2. Tired, unhappy-looking face
  3. Loss of facial clarity, especially in normal and asthenic patients
  4. Sagging skin under the chin
  5. Nasolabial folds are medium and deep (possibly combined with local fillers)
  6. Near-Core Wrinkles (wrinkles or thin lines around the mouth)
  7. Wrinkles and folds of the forehead and glabella (possible combination with local fillers)
  8. Excess skin in the upper eyelids  
  9. “Goose legs”: side periorbital wrinkles or thin lines extending from the outer corner of the eye
  10.  Periorbital wrinkles: wrinkles or thin lines around the eyes (possible combination with volumetric fillers in the paint areas)

As a result, it achieves:

  1. Perfect cosmetic effect
  2. There is no transverse heating
  3. Little tissue damage
  4. Lack of a recovery period

When you look at the problem of aging, you can put off surgery for a long time. By observing the correct use of beauty gadgets and not resorting too often to their help, you will significantly improve the body's overall health. Thanks to modern cosmetology, you can have professional care at home.