The Lumia: home use skincare device manufacturer

The popularity of LED light therapy is growing every day because it makes skincare more effective. Portable devices operate on the same principle as stationary equipment. Therefore, this cosmetic equipment can be easily applied at home.

The Lumia proposes the most effective deep wrinkle treatment for different skin types and face problems so that everybody can find their tool. Today, we will talk about the kinds of equipment and their peculiarities. Let's consider what issues are solved with portable devices and how to choose the device for home use.

All the devices can be divided into the types depending on the principle of action:

  • cleaning (scrub bars);
  • revitalization (galvanic and micro stream therapy);
  • improvement (ultrasonic cleaning, peeling, phototherapy);
  • devices that solve multiple tasks; 

Models can also differ in functionality, size and weight, design, performance, and quality.

LED light therapy

Which equipment will suit you?

Different types of devices solve different problems. To select the appropriate portable device, first determine the type and assess the initial condition of the skin. The Lumia Skin Analyser would be perfect for that. Then you have to select the goals and ensure that you have no contraindications to using one or more pieces of equipment.

The LED therapy device is an excellent solution if you have skin problems or a tendency to inflammation. The device will help reduce pores, remove swelling, and eliminate pigmentation and acne. We have such a gadget in our shop  Lumia Experto.

Why do you need to buy skincare products?

The equipment should be bought in case you care about the appearance and condition of your skin and want to preserve its youth and beauty for years. The effectiveness of such home care is a little inferior to salon procedures. Portable devices are an innovative achievement of modern cosmetology, making professional practices more accessible and affordable.

Cosmetic devices will help to solve the following problems quickly and efficiently:

  • age changes (wrinkles, folds);
  • pigmentation;
  • couperosis;
  • loss of elasticity of the skin's surface;
  • distortion of the oval face;
  • acne, post-acne, comedy, black dots
  • excessive salty gland activity;
  • darkness, loss of tone. 

Using cosmetic devices to care for your face can quickly achieve positive results. They are simple to use; you will not need special skills or knowledge to conduct procedures at home.

How to buy high-quality skin care devices? 

To buy a high-quality device, you should analyze the technical characteristics of models, evaluate the functions, and read users' reviews.

  • Manufacturer. Trust the products of the tested brands. Do not buy products from unknown manufacturers. 
  • Price. Are you promised instant results for a frankly undervalued product? Pass through!
  • Certificate of quality. Equipment for hardware cosmetology must meet specific quality standards (CES, CSA, ISO, MD, CE, FDA).
  • Purpose. Define the primary purpose of the device application: cleaning of the skin; smoothing of wrinkles; lifting; caring for the problem skin.
  • Functionality. Models, in addition to the basic set, perform additional functions. On the one hand, it is cool, as the buyer gets the opportunity to care for the skin. On the other hand, the more options, the higher price. 
  • Easy to use. You mustn't feel any discomfort during the procedure. Pay attention to the design features of the model interface.

We have to admit that the Lumia fits all these requirements. You can also get expert advice on the selection of tools. Our manager will answer all of your questions, familiarize you with the features and technical characteristics of the devices, and assist you in determining which one is best for your situation.