The most effective anti-aging treatments for 2023

Home anti-aging treatments for the face and body, cyclical skin care, LED therapy, microcurrents for hair, and anti-stress devices are unusual beauty trends 2023 that await you this year. Focus on multifunctional cosmetics, add high-tech to your daily routine, rely on smart gadgets, and follow the cycle to look good every day.

The most effective anti-aging treatments for 2023

Beauty trends 2023

  1. Microcurrent therapy. Microcurrent therapy benefits dormant cells because keratin production is triggered under the influence of current. Keratin is the main “building” protein. During microcurrent skin massage, “sleeping” cells wake up, and the sebaceous glands normalize. The most exciting thing is that microcurrent therapy can be done at home!
  2. LED Therapy. From now on, every fashionista should have an LED gadget. And here is why – it is the best gadget for skin repair and regeneration at home. Secondly, LED therapy promotes the natural production of elastin and collagen in skin cells. Thirdly, LED therapy increases the effectiveness of any skin care product tenfold! It is interesting to know that LED therapy is not a new trend in cosmetology. NASA used photodynamic therapy in the 1970s to treat skin damage and as a part of past-surgery therapy. LED therapy is painless and, most importantly, acts only as an epidermal immunostimulant. All regenerative processes in skin cells occur naturally. An LED anti-aging device such as the Lumia Experto is essentially a home beauty salon enclosed in a compact device that can give your skin youthfulness and beauty in just 20–30 minutes several times a week.
  3.  Anti-stress gadgets and massagers. Stress is the main enemy of our beauty and youth. Chronic stress increases cortisol levels, provokes inflammation, inhibits regeneration, and reduces skin tone. If we add beauty injections and other traumatic procedures, it gives the opposite effect – our skin can’t resist premature aging. Therefore, the beauty trends of 2023 are oriented towards anti-stress gadgets designed to relieve stress and give you relaxation.

What do experts advise?

Regularly arrange anti-stress therapy at home. For example, buy a home microcurrent neck massager, try a vacuum eye massager with music and a thermal lifting function, or take a relaxing bath with a hydrogen SPA capsule.

As you can see, the beauty trends 2023 urge us to devote more time to comprehensive self-care and always to look rested, beautiful, and young, and a wide range of Lumia products, on-time delivery, and constant support from our experts will help you with this! We wish you harmony with your body and soul.