The top way to smooth out facial wrinkles without injections

Despite enormous technological advances, scientists have not yet learned to overcome aging processes. But women and men who don't want to give up in the face of a treacherous time have salon procedures and home care to help them now.

Wrinkles are not only a sign of old age. The most common causes of wrinkles are age-related body changes and weakness of facial muscles. The facial tissue is deprived of the proteins responsible for the elasticity and recovery of the skin integuments—collagen and elastin.

Wrinkles’ appearance depends on many factors: genetics, age, lifestyle, and nutrition. According to a Stanford University study, using light energy boosts the body's natural ability to combat aging by “programming” skin cells for rejuvenation, activating “young” combinations, and suppressing “old.” It regenerates over 1000 RNA molecules.

The Lumia knows how to smooth wrinkles quickly.

The most effective way to combat wrinkles

  • Botulinum toxin. After the injection, Botulinum toxin injections inhibit the mobility of overactive mimic muscles for several months. When the muscles are relaxed, the skin also rests, ceasing to fold. As a result, wrinkles are smoothed.
  • Contour Plastic. Wrinkles are filled from the inside with the injection of high molecular hyaluronic acid, a rather dense but plastic gel that, when applied skillfully, perfectly corrects deep folds and allows you to remove wrinkles.
  • Anti-wrinkle technologies. Rejuvenation devices fight wrinkles in one way or another, either by compacting the collagen-elastin framework or by starting the process of skin renewal.

So, if you want to avoid injections and surgeries, you should choose a technological way with the help of Lumia.

The top way to smooth out facial wrinkles without injections

How to remove facial wrinkles without injections?

  • Salon techniques and home manipulation can and should be used to fight against wrinkles. And the best result, as always, is a combination of both.
  • Lumia beauty gadgets combine salon-quality care with daily care that can be completed at home.
  • The treatment prevents and slows down the skin's aging processes, especially after exposure to the sun. It removes wrinkles, improves the complexion, and moisturizes the skin.

These procedures will help even with mimic wrinkles. Radio-frequency and infrared thermolifting allow you to get rid of facial wrinkles at the structural level. In addition, thermolifting stimulates collagen formation and corrects the facial oval. Radio-frequency and infrared thermo-lifting allow you to get rid of facial wrinkles at the structural level. In addition, thermo-lifting stimulates collagen formation and improves the facial oval.

As you have already understood, there are many ways to remove wrinkles. You can subscribe to our newsletter, learn about Lumia’s products and read clients' feedback to make your choice.

You can’t undo aging, but you can slow down the flow of time and always look good.