To-do list: how to transition your skincare routine to spring

Spring has finally arrived after months of snow and wind, slush and cold. It means it's time to get your skin ready for warm and sunny days. How does the skin feel after winter? In winter, skin can be dry, flaky, and dull. Spring feels like a new beginning, so it's time to remove the accumulated fatigue from the many inconveniences that winter brings—dry indoor air, a lack of sun, and exposure to frost. All these negative factors make your exposed skin pale, dehydrated, and tired. 

To improve its condition, you should follow simple recommendations by the Lumia’s experts.

To-do list: how to transition your skincare routine to spring

Spring Care Tips

  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly once a week
  • Use tissue facial masks if your skin lost its tone and radiance
  • Apply facial oil after using a scrub. If you feel your skin lacks hydration, add a few drops of oil to your day cream
  • Remember about cosmetics with SPF filters
  • Eat five servings of colorful fruits and vegetables daily
  • Drink clear, non-carbonated water (minimum 1.5 liters per day)
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light

Spring skincare tips

In winter, the skin “builds up” a keratinized layer, creating protection from harsh external conditions. As a result, exposed areas become dull and lifeless. A lack of natural freshness and matte skin signifies a dull complexion. On the contrary, the skin takes on a grayish, pale hue that looks unhealthy. This is how skin cells “sound the alarm” that they lack nutrients, moisture, and oxygen. The best way to get rid of old and dull skin is through procedures with the help of anti-wrinkle and facial devices by the Lumia. 

Before May, when warm weather comes, it is necessary to have time to do beauty “home salon” procedures, which stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin within the skin; they also boost the cell's ATP and increase blood circulation. This phenomenon proves the results of naturally smoother and firmer skin. 

The Lumia has various devices with lots of springtime skincare bits of advice. Our products immediately change your face by :

  1. cleaning
  2. refreshing 
  3. energizing your skin
  4. smoothing its tone and microtexture
  5. giving your face a fresh, glowing look

As a bonus, our gadgets will make it easier for the serums and creams you put on afterward to soak in. And that means they become more beneficial to the skin. 

The Lumia devices are recommended as a rehabilitation program for tired skin and as a recovery program in the post-winter period. Even a short course of 2–4 treatments for 1–2 weeks can significantly improve the appearance of the skin and give you a sense of comfort and wellness.

What effect can be seen after a course of Lumia treatments?

  • Form a clearer facial oval
  • Remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
  • Give tone and an even skin tone
  • Make expression lines less noticeable.

Radiofrequency technology, medical LED technology, and far-infrared therapy will give your skin an inner glow, remove redness, mattify in the case of oily skin, and moisturize in the case of dry skin. And most importantly, you will see changes and a noticeable lift from one treatment.

Use all these five beauty hacks for dry skin to keep it moisturized, fresh, and glowing!