Useful tips for skin care with anti-aging products

Useful tips for skin care with anti-aging products

The older we get, the more visible the mimic wrinkles are, the darker the circles under our eyes become, and the oval of our face is less defined. The reason is that with age, the metabolism in the skin slows down, so all the signs of aging begin to show clearly. Indeed, no one can turn back time, but you can always improve your skin condition with anti-aging products and proper beauty care.

Useful tips for skin care with anti-aging products

How to slow down aging:

Purification. Mature skin absorbs all the contamination and residual makeup faster, which interferes with the work of nursing agents. It’s essential to clean your skin twice a day.

Exfoliation. The regular use of a facial scrub or peeling should become a good habit for you—it removes dead particles, softens the skin, smooths it, makes the wrinkles less visible, and speeds up the exchange process. Peel off your skin one or two times a week.

Tone up your skin. The tonic will help restore water balance and acidity. Also, it will create a special film that improves nursing and protects the skin from harmful factors.

Moisturizing. Moisturizing cream is the most important tool. It should be used after cleansing and toning both in the morning and evening. Care products for mature skin should contain vitamins C and A, acids (e.g., glycol and hyaluronic), antioxidants (vitamin E), and bleaching components—they benefit to natural looks.

Face massage and lifting masks.There are quite many types of massage aimed at different effects. And it is necessary to follow several rules: do not massage on the dry skin, in ill health, or if you have any kind of rash. Always do your moves strictly on massage lines. So, the best way to do it right is to use a special anti-aging device— the Lumia Penetrado, which is a red LED light heating beauty device helping to treat your skin in a caring and safe way.

Nutrition.As the skin grows older, it becomes more difficult to obtain nutrients from the body, so it is necessary to add this item to your beauty plan.

Eye-care.Due to the absence of greasy glands on the eyelids, it is in this area that the first wrinkles appear; the skin becomes flabby and dry. Pay attention to the daily care of this zone!

Jaw and neck areas skincare. The neck skin also becomes less elastic with years. It requires care and needs more moisturizing. A little life hack: if you like to make cloth masks, don’t throw them out right after removing from the face. Put this mask on your neck as well and see positive effect.

Drink.Drink more as the lack of liquid will indicate rustling and dryness because, at the slightest dehydration, the body takes the last moisture from the cells.

Sleep. Scientists have long proved that the night hours is the time when a beauty hormone is produced in a woman’s body. This hormone is responsible for a fresh and healthy appearance.

Do sport. Sport helps to keep muscles in tone, speeds up all exchange processes and blood circulation, and enriches the body with oxygen.

We recommend you choose only those beauty products that suit your skin type.

Do not be afraid to look after yourself with the best and most proven means; you deserve to look great always!