What should everyone have in their skincare routine?

Have you decided to start a proper and consistent beauty routine but need help knowing where to begin? It's perfectly normal that at this stage, you have questions: how many care products to use, in what sequence to apply them, and most importantly, what effect to expect. Let’s try to figure it out together. 

About beauty routine at 20+ and 30+

  1. At the age of 20, peels, masks, and serums can be avoided if your skin is in good condition. But if you use them, follow these rules: 
  • Apply an enzyme peel, not a scrub! 
  • If you do a cleansing mask once a week, use a moisturizing one the second time that week.
  1. At 30+, theanti-aging routine should also be built on the challenges and needs of the skin: washcloth, toner, and eye and face creams are primary daily care. Masks and peels have to be applied on a weekly basis. Serums with active components can also be used.
  2. Remember thatwrinkles appear faster in places with active facial expressions, and care for these areas should be as effective as possible. Moisturized skin ages slower.
What should everyone have in their skincare routine?

Not all cosmetics give results right away.

Cosmetics with peptides can show results after 3–4 weeks of regular application. In general, if we use stimulants (peptides, retinol), at least one cycle of epidermis renewal (about 28 days) must pass before visible results become apparent. So, waiting for these products' effects to be felt sooner is not worthwhile. The rejuvenating effect may not be noticed in the mirror at all. But if you take pictures before and after, you will see how the skin has changed: the tone has improved, and the skin has become smoother. However, in this case, it is preferable to take photographs two months after the start of intensive stimulating therapy.

Nighttime Skin Care

Evening skincare is just as critical as daycare. At night, our skin absorbs the most nutrients and active ingredients; it's a particular time when our skin regenerates and repairs itself while we sleep peacefully and dream.

About facial devices

Rollers, guasha scrubbers, LED gadgets, and microcurrent massagers are all great, but the choice should be based on the individual situation. Suppose a person has acne, rosacea, or other skin problems. Use massage rollers or gouache scrapers because this will only worsen the situation and increase infection.

LED gadgets are also good, but they shouldn't be cheap. For a bit of money, you'll get a light bulb with, for example, blue glass. But you need a device that produces light of a specific wavelength for a natural effect. Better results are delivered by original medical LED devices. You will notice changes, but they will be slow; you will have to wait a little bit and, of course, make some effort to maintain the results.

The Lumia’s medical LED devices are certified by influential organizations and have a proven efficiency record. Visit our online shop to choose the device that will work best for you. Our beauty experts are always ready to answer all your questions about the application of our skin rejuvenation devices.

Remember your anti-age beauty routine, and stay beautiful on days and nights. We will gladly help you with that.