What tools do I need for skincare?

“How to be beautiful?” is such a natural question for every woman of any age! So, let’s figure out what facial treatment tools and equipment will help you transform.

Proper care, appropriate to the skin’s type and needs, can delay the natural aging process and minimize its external signs of manifestation. An integrated approach will help achieve visible results at home, most importantly through patience, consistency, and regularity.

But the biggest problem is that well-known face tools for anti-aging skin routines are not enough to stop aging processes. Indeed, purification, peeling, facial tonic, serum, eye care, night and day cream, scrubs are essential for a beauty routine, but fading skin requires more attention.

In addition to daily home care, aging skin should be cared for through efficient, professional procedures. It is a fact that many treatments help combat both the first wrinkles and more serious skin issues, making the skin smoother and healthier. But not everyone can visit the salon and have professional treatment. And here come the rejuvenation devices for home use presented by Lumia. 

The choice of a device to maintain beauty procedures at home raises the question of what skincare device is the best to buy. Different types of equipment can be used for different skin problems. And Lumia got a wide range of face care tools!

What tools do I need for skincare?

The Lumia Touch

The list of the best skincare gadgets by Lumia we will start fromLumia Touch.After exposure, oxygen enters the cells more actively, and nutrients penetrate deeply into the epidermis. Aging processes are slowed by the release of toxins through the pores. Due to the increased production of collagen, the skin becomes soft and elastic. The active regeneration of tissues is accelerated by speeding up the division of cells of the epidermis. As a result, the oval of the face is tightened, the complexion of the face is improved, the skin is fresh, and the small wrinkles are smoothed out.

The Lumia Delicado

The Lumia Delicado treatments achieve an excellent result, comparable to a salon peeling. The ultrasound therapy actively removes the transgenic cells of the skin cover and evens its surface. Manipulation data is used to treat acne rash and black spots. Collagen production is accelerated, and cells are renewed. Excess fluid is removed from the upper layers of the skin, swelling is lessened, which leads to lymph drainage effects.

The Lumia Experto and Experto+ 

And, of course, Lumia takes care of the most sensitive area of women 40+. We are talking about the neck area.Experto and Experto+ stimulate collagen synthesis by increasing the skin’s elasticity, making it more elastic, and reducing wrinkles. This device, which can be used at any time of day and night, in different circumstances, does not interfere with working or reading a book and does not cause any discomfort! 

There are positive changes that please our customers after using the Lumia devices. It’s not cheap, but it’s a one-time investment that pays off very quickly because maintaining the skin’s beauty is the main advantage of these treatments.