Why do you need RF gel?

Every woman's dream is to have beautiful, flawless skin. Nowadays, it can be achieved in various ways, thanks to modern cosmetology's breakthroughs. LED therapy is one of the most successful treatments. It produces a visible effect while being painless.

Why do you need RF gel?

What is RF gel?

The purpose of RF gel is to improve the clarity and response of LED probes when they come into contact with human skin. In addition, it is intended to chill the skin and make it easier for the head of the device to glide across it. For instance, the Lumia brand suggests using RF Gel, specially created to help your skin get the most out of your Experto and Experto+ treatment equipment. It makes sure that RF energy gets to the skin's upper and deeper layers and protects them from harm.

A small amount of the Lumia RF gel must be applied directly before the procedure to protect your skin and enhance the effect of the LED therapy.

Benefits from using:

As a result, the radiofrequency probe can easily glide across the area being treated. It acts as a conductive medium for RF waves, allowing them to penetrate where needed. It is critical since the gel significantly increases therapy outcomes.

  • Skin regeneration and treatment are always carried out in a semi-solid environment. It is indicated in the protocol of the procedure, in the introduction to the apparatus, and each cosmetology textbook. We remember that the shorter waves disperse when they hit the skin, and the light remains inside the tissue. The penetration depends on the wavelength; the longer the wavelength, the deeper it gets.


The first law of photobiology: only tissue-absorbed light has a clinical effect, unlike passing or reflected light. If the light is not absorbed, it cannot affect the tissue.

RF Treatment Consequences:

  1. Enhance the suppleness of your skin.
  2. Take out folds and creases.
  3. Tissues are being tightened and firmed.
  4. The texture of your skin will improve as a result of this treatment.

At the dermis' lowest levels, fibroblast cells make new collagen and elastin fibres. RF stimulates tissues beneath the skin during treatment, and the heat created causes focused controlled damage. Collagen and elastin break down when the skin is heated, giving the best effects. It is a fancy way of saying they unwind, shrink, and compress the collagen matrix instantly. As a result, the skin tightens and lifts, making you look younger.

Health-giving strategy

RF facial tightening helps the skin. It rejuvenates tissues from the inside out without any injections, scalpels, or incisions, giving the skin a smoother, brighter appearance. This completely safe procedure is appropriate for men and women of all ages who want to look younger.