Why will The Lumia beauty devices elevate your skincare?

Beauty gadgets from The Lumia can be a reliable help in anti-aging routines and can replace beauty injections. If you start using them for prevention, then, in the long run, they will give an outstanding result. We have a chance that in 5–10 years, our patients will have a tightened, flawless look, and this is without injections! Gadgets and cosmetics are an unreal combination! Of course, this is a kind of home care upgrade. Home self-care is a trend that makes you take a fresh look at the home beauty ritual, which is easy to do with our brand's devices.

Why will The Lumia beauty devices elevate your skincare?

LED therapy is not a myth anymore

Light of different lengths can treat the skin. Light therapy treatment is not an annotation of a fantastic novel but the reality in which the beauty industry exists today. LED therapy is quickly and confidently gaining a place in the ranks of the most popular cosmetics procedures, professionally and at home.

For LED therapy, it's essential to know how powerful the lamps are and how narrowband light can affect the target tissue. NASA and cosmetic companies started using powerful lamps with targeted narrowband light. The company's devices have been approved by NASA and have the proper certificates.

Using a combination of specific techniques to affect the skin, we work on the deep tissues of the face, neck, décolleté, and collar zone. Just one course of therapy (6–10 sessions) will lead to noticeable changes in the skin condition. If you are still unmotivated to do this fantastic beauty procedure, we will name the main reasons why you should do it regularly:

  1. Blood circulation in the facial tissues improves. It means that they receive more oxygen and nutrients. 
  2. Lymph flow is normalized; it will remove toxins from the skin. Swelling, puffiness, and bags under the eyes will disappear. 
  3. Wrinkles will decrease, the skin will tighten, become more elastic, and the complexion will improve. 
  4. The oval of the face will become more evident; tissues sagging under the influence of gravity will be tightened; eyebrows will rise. 
  5. Second, the face's chin and other fat deposits will be reduced. 
  6. Vessels in the face, neck, and décolleté will be strengthened. 
  7. The sebaceous glands will normalize.

LED therapy reduces signs of aging, making skin elastic and firm. We invite you to visit the Lumia online store to purchase a device for an LED treatment and other cosmetic tools. Here you will find a large selection of products for professional and home use!

How to prepare for the procedure 

You can do a light peel or mesotherapy. It will allow both rays and valuable components to penetrate deeper. Do not apply any medications with retinol and AHA acids on the day of treatment without consulting your doctor; as mentioned, LED therapy helps them penetrate deeper, irritating the upper layers of skin. Before the procedure, thoroughly clean the face and neck and apply a mask with photosensitizer (usually based on chlorophyll). It is the conductor through which light penetrates deeper. After 20 minutes, the cover is generally washed away.

So, this technique is painless and safe, and you can conduct it yourself at home with the help of a particular device. So, you not only save money on visits to the cosmetologist but can always do the procedure at a convenient time for you.