Lumia Touch

4.9-Star Rating  (4.6) based on 32 Reviews

Lumia Touch employs a full application of carbonic beauty technology in beauty equipment, including a combination of oxygen jet peel, microbubbles clean, RF, BIO, and ultrasound technology.

The Lumia Touch technology provides oxygen peels that make the collagen fibers contract, revitalizing, and restructuring the skin. Witness the miracle of healthy skin with automatically generated oxygen, which combines negative spiral microbubbles using a cleansing function. All the residue washes into a sterile purification bottle with a specialized formula and sterile microbubbles.

Lumia Touch is clinically proven to use oxygen microbubbles to deep clean, brighten, and promote anti-wrinkling by using a pulling compact feature. It is the world's leading anti-aging skin project, providing instant and long-term visibility effect, providing customers with an unparalleled wonderful experience.


• Clinically proven

• Instant and long-term visibility effect

• Automatically generate skin oxygen

• Feel the effects after a single use

• Skin feels tighter, firmer and renewed

• Non-invasive, natural solution