Lumia Skin Analyzer

4.9-Star Rating  (4.7) based on 45 Reviews

Lumia Analyzer is the world's most advanced skin detection equipment and has powerful features like shooting, analyzing, and displaying all in 1. It adopts RGB, UV, PL spectral imaging technology, combines with artificial intelligence and image analysis, achieving a 15-second efficient skin analysis for skin problems. It is an essential skin detection equipment used in cosmetic companies, beauty salons, skin clinics, and training schools. With such a high market demand (rates as high as 100%,) the Lumia analyzer will be a great asset to your beauty collection.


    • Professional Skin Analysis

    • 12 years of market testing

    • 30-million clinical databases

    • Advanced diagnostic technology

    • Accurately analysis 10 skin problems from epidermis and dermis

    • Wi-Fi transfer database