Reasons why your skincare routine isn't working anymore

Even the most well-known and preferred facial skin care products can eventually fail to perform their function. Why does this happen? Let’s find out if cosmetics are addictive and why your favourite products suddenly stop working as before.

Skin health had changed

There are four main skin types: normal, dry, oily, and combination. It is essential to understand that there is such a concept as “skin condition.” For example, both dry and oily skin can become damaged.  Changes in facial skin can occur due to sudden changes in climate, an unbalanced diet, constant stress, side effects of some medication, or improper cosmetics. This way, you should track when your favourite products stop delivering active ingredients to your cells because you have to use the one that matches not only your skin type but also its current condition.

The skin type does not change much because it depends on its individual physiology. But nevertheless, the skin has different conditions depending on the environment, health, menstrual phase, etc. Sometimes the skin becomes dehydrated, dull, oily or, conversely, too dry. Depending on the current condition, you need to adjust the usual care to solve situational problems.

Skin Analyzer

Reasons why your daily routine isn't working anymore

  1. Lack of an integrated approach
  2. You do your skincare routing without taking into account the type of aging.
  3. Incompatible means of care are used.
  4. You are hungry for quick results.
  5. The result depends not only on cosmetics.
  6. Expectation gap
  7. Plateau effect

In addition to the above, it is worth mentioning another important reason that negatively affects the effectiveness of cosmetic products for skin care. Maybe that’s just not what your dermis needs. Our skin changes with age, hormones, and seasons, so it makes sense to evaluate from time to time whether the product really meets your needs. What you used in the winter may not be used in the summer, or what you used when you were 30 may not be suitable in your 40s. 

You may also discover that your skin tends to pigmentation and rash during menstruation, even if your care has not changed. After all, some remedies may be ineffective for the simple reason that you mix incompatible ingredients that simply neutralize each other.

Just as it is to change care products according to weather and hormonal changes, it is equally important to be consistent. The main reason why effects stop working overtime is the same reason why you cannot go on a diet “once and for all.” At some point, we forget that care needs to be used regularly. Of course, its effectiveness in doing so decreases.

Experts of Lumia recommend monitoring your skin conditions all the time. And to help you with this essential part of your skincare routine we offer Skin Analyzer.

This awesome device uses artificial intelligence and the latest image analysis techniques to achieve a deep skin analysis for existing problems in just 15 seconds. And with the help of Wi-Fi transfer database you can always track changes in your conditions to adjust your daily care routine.